How To Choose Rock Wool Sandwich Board?

- Jan 10, 2019-

Fireproof Insulation Rockwool Steel Sandwich Panel.jpg

Rockwool steel sandwich panel  occupy the market widely because of their advantages of fire resistance, good sound insulation and strong insulation performance. More and more companies choose to sell rock wool sandwich panels, construction sites, and more and more rock wool sandwich panels in the factory. So how do you choose high-quality rock wool sandwich panels?

The rockwool insulation  has a good sealing effect, and the sandwich panel is generally produced by an assembly line, which is similar in appearance of the overall product. The sides of the sandwich panel are sealed with polyurethane, and the polyurethane effect is relatively good, which can well overcome the rock wool's moisture return due to easy water absorption, which can greatly improve the service life of the rock wool sandwich panel. Therefore, when selecting a sandwich panel, it is necessary to use a polyurethane rock wool sandwich panel.


The rigidity of the sandwich panel is very important. If it is too soft, the sandwich panel is easily bent and deformed, resulting in collapse and the like. Polyurethane seals the rock wool core layer and makes polyurethane and rock wool a whole. Moreover, the outside of the sandwich panel is wave-shaped, which is much stronger than the ordinary composite profiled rockwool. When the rock wool sandwich panel is firmly fixed by the stringer, the rigidity of the layout can be better improved.


The rock wool sandwich panel fixing method is firm and reasonable, and it is common practice to use the purlins and screws on both sides of the polyurethane. This special purlin and screw can fix the sandwich panel well and can withstand earthquakes below 8 and typhoon below 10.


The surface of the rock wool sandwich panel must have anti-scratch protection to prevent the polyurethane on both sides from being scratched. Rainwater and air enter the sandwich panel, and the sheet is easily damaged after a long time. Therefore, a polyethylene self-adhesive protective film is adhered, which can prevent the sheet from being scratched during transportation and handling.


The rock wool sandwich panel should also pay attention to the appearance. The interface is generally designed and produced by european standards. The board surface is more flat, the joints are more rigid, and the strength is reliable to prevent the sheet from rupturing due to thermal expansion and contraction.


Materials, production processes, accessories, etc. Are all issues that should be noted when selecting rock wool sandwich panels.