How Does Cement Mortar Work?

- Dec 21, 2018-

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Cement mortar is an indispensable auxiliary material in the decoration. It is made by cement and fine aggregate, that is, sand and water, and is mixed by a certain proportion. The cement mortar used in different areas is different, for example. It is said that the proportion of cement mortar on the wall tiling and the floor tiling is different. Let's take a look at the use of cement mortar together with the small series. Look at how the cement mortar for different purposes is matched.

What are the uses of mortar mix ?

1. Used for trenching and well masonry.

The cement mortar used in trench and well masonry has a strength of M7.5, which is roughly formulated by a ratio of 1:6.3:1.35, that is, one part of cement plus 6.3 parts of river sand and 1.35 parts. After the water is mixed and stirred, this strength can fix the groove and well position.

What are the uses of cement mortar? 2. Used for masonry and retaining wall masonry.

The cement mortar to be used for masonry and retaining walls is M10. The ratio of cement mortar is 1:5.27:1.13, that is, the weight of cement and the weight of 5.27 river sand are selected. Plus 1.13 of water to mix and blend.

What are the uses of cement mortar? 3. For partition wall masonry

Cement mortar is required for partition walls and other masonry, and the cement mortar ratio for these purposes is also required to meet the building code, with a ratio of 1:2.

What are the uses of cement mixer?

4. Used for wall plastering.

Wall plastering is usually done with cement mortar material, as well as ground leveling. The strength of cement mortar is the same. It is to use 1:1 pure cement to collect the slurry. That is, the cement with the weight of 1 and the river sand with the same weight are mixed and blended. The cement mortar of this ratio is also used to close the pipeline, the line, the repair, and the like.

What are the uses of cement mortar? 5. For wall tiles

Wall tiles are made of cement mortar, usually by wet-laying method, which is a cement mortar made up of 2:1 ratio. This kind of wet cement mortar is not only good in viscosity, but can be avoided. The wall is too thick and so on.

What are the uses of cement mortar? 6. For paving tiles

Generally, the floor tiles are constructed by dry-laying method, that is, the dry cement mortar of 1:3 is used for construction. The proportion of cement mortar must not be too thin, otherwise it will easily cause certain bubbles in the ground pavement. Thus, there are phenomena such as empty drums.