Features Of Steel-glass Wool Sandwich Panels

- Jan 22, 2019-

Steel Glasswool Sandwich Panel.jpg

(1) The steel glasswool sandwich panel  has high closed cell ratio and excellent energy saving effect;

(2) Green and environmentally friendly, no formaldehyde;

(3) One investment and continuous saving;

(4) Unique plug-in interface design, stronger resistance to negative wind pressure;

(5) Diversified shapes, beautiful and elegant advantages: no cold bridge, high rigidity, good flatness, and glass wool grade A does not burn;

(6) The plug interface is tight, no steel plate heat conduction

(7) Side sealing of polyurethane on both sides, blocking the water absorption path of the core material and prolonging the service life;

(8) Unique connection port design, stronger resistance to negative wind pressure;

(9) Good fireproof insulation: Suitable for large public buildings, industrial plants and other walls and roofs on buildings that require fire protection.

Sandwich Panel is a coffin made to meet the needs of large-area laying. In addition to maintaining the unique characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation, it also has excellent fireproof, shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics, which is beneficial to reduce noise pollution and improve. The working environment is mainly used for: roof insulation, roof insulation, steel structure wall insulation, indoor insulation and sound absorption, breeding roof insulation and fire protection) insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, the effect is very satisfactory . In the construction, it can be arbitrarily cut as needed to have a good moisture-proof effect. It is an excellent insulation, heat insulation, fireproof and soundproof material for workshops, roofs, walls and flat roofs.