Features Of Lightweight Composite Panels

- Jan 24, 2019-

Lightweight Composite Board.png

1 high-rise frame and frame-shear structure; 2 general civil buildings and public offices; 3 new and old buildings with inner space,

Kitchen and sanitary partitions; any spacing between 4 large openings; 5 ground and roof structures.

1. Lightweight earthquake resistance: The weight per unit area is only 1/5 of the red brick wall. It has good seismic performance and can be used in both low-rise and high-rise buildings. It is more suitable for modern homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels and other walls. Body application. It replaces the traditional light steel keel gypsum board, red brick, hollow brick and other building decoration materials.

2. Quick and convenient construction: It adopts plate or combination installation, dry operation, and has excellent features such as nail, saw, planing, drilling, sticking and sticking.

3. Low comprehensive cost: This product can reduce the beam-column foundation load and the construction period is short. Compared with solid bricks, hollow bricks reduce the construction cost by more than 20%.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The product is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting and non-radioactive. It is a new environmentally friendly energy-saving building material. At the same time, it has good functions of heat preservation, fire prevention and sound insulation.

5. Increase the use area: Under the same conditions of insulation and sound insulation, the board is thinner, and the same building can increase the use area by more than 10%.

6. Fireproof, waterproof, impact resistant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging.