Environmental Protection Wall Board Material

- Dec 14, 2018-

Environmental Protection Wall Board Material

Low carbon and environmental protection is a hot topic in recent years.The emergence of new environmental protection wall panels has also attracted the attention of the building materials industry at home and abroad, and has become a new choice for today's construction industry.

The new lightweight wall board is composed of calcium silicate board, cement, EPS foam and other filling materials. It belongs to the national Grade A standard fireproof building materials and has excellent performance. The new lightweight partition board not only has light weight, high strength, no powdering, no cracking, but also waterproof, fireproof, soundproof, heat preservation, shockproof, sawable, nailable, corrosion resistant, and non-radioactive.

In the whole production process, no fuel, coal and gas are used, only a small amount of electricity is used, which greatly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. Moreover, there are no waste water, waste gas, waste residue and other pollutants discharged, which meets the requirements of national environmental protection standards. An excellent green environmental protection new industry production project.

With people paying attention to environmental pollution and excessive consumption of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the focus of work in China for some time to come. Due to the large consumption of natural resources and environmental pollution during the production and use of traditional wall building materials, with the increase of wall reform in China, the exploration of research and development of new wall building materials with energy-saving and environmental protection features has low replacement performance and energy. The consumption of large blocks has become the development direction of the building materials industry. Today, ecology and energy conservation are the ambitious goals pursued by the construction industry in advocating green environmental protection and building a conservation-oriented society.

The application of energy-saving wallboard has become a popular trend in the field of modern building wall materials. Energy-saving wallboards have replaced the application of traditional wall materials with its special materials and advantages, and gradually developed into the main elements of ecological wall materials.

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