Earthquake-resistant Building Structure

- Dec 11, 2018-

Earthquake-resistant Building Structure

Steel structure--Seismic Resistant level ★★★★★

Features: Steel structure is based on steel as the main structural material. The steel is characterized by high strength and light weight. At the same time, due to the homogeneity and toughness of the steel material, it can have large deformation, can withstand the dynamic load well, and has good earthquake resistance.

Shear wall structure--Seismic Resistant level ★★★★

Features: Shear wall is made of reinforced concrete wallboard to bear the internal forces caused by various loads, which can effectively control the horizontal force of the structure. The structure that uses the shear wall to withstand the vertical and horizontal forces is called the shear wall structure.

Frame structure--Seismic Resistant level ★★★

Features: The load-bearing beam and column formed by reinforced concrete is composed of skeletons, and then hollow bricks or prefabricated aerated concrete, ceramsite and other lightweight plates are used as the partition wall for assembly. The wall is mainly used for protection and isolation. Because the wall is not heavy, it can be made of various lightweight materials.

Brick-concrete structure--Seismic Resistant level ★ ★

Features: The “brick” in the brick-concrete structure refers to a uniform-sized building material, including other-sized shaped clay bricks and hollow bricks. “Mixed” refers to reinforced concrete ingredients prepared from steel, cement, sand and water in a certain proportion, applied to floors, lintels, stairs, balconies, etc. These fittings are combined with a load-bearing wall made of bricks, so they are called brick-concrete structures. The brick-concrete structure is mainly used in multi-storey houses (within 24 meters and below 10 floors), and its seismic performance is relatively weaker than the above three.

Since the steel structure is the best anti-seismic structure. If it is combined with the lightweight wall panel of seismic material, the seismic resistance capacity will be greatly improved.

The high strength and high hardness of the lightweight wall panel make it excellent in impact resistance.

Also with three-in-one stucture, fitting construction, ultra-thick yin and yang groove design, etc.

The complete anti-shock system makes the wall panel and the wall panel tightly connected and firmly connected. The seismic performance is 1.5 times that of the traditional wall, and it has the characteristics of no deformation, good integrity and no loose wall surface.

And its lightweight features make the wall less stressful when it falls down.