How is the impact resistance of Panel

- Feb 22, 2019-


When it comes to lightweight partition board, everyone must first think of its "lightweight" characteristics. Lightweight partition board has light weight compared with traditional masonry wall, reduces engineering load, and is not subject to installation restrictions. The characteristics of the compartment are therefore very popular with modern architecture. But it also brought some doubts: the weight of the lightweight partition board is so light, and it is not connected with the beam and other structures. Can it live in the town? Will it not be earthquake resistant?

In fact, these concerns are completely redundant! Take the lightweight partition board as an example. Let's look at how the lightweight partition board is sturdy, shock-resistant and shock-resistant.

Lightweight partition board

We all know that lightweight partition boards generally have male and female gutters. When installing, the male and female gutters need to be aligned, so that the two plates produce a large force between each other and thus become one body-- The Pittsburgh lightweight partition board is no exception.

Except for the male and female rafts? After the vertical partition, the lightweight partition board needs to be driven obliquely from the wall by 45°, and the board and the floor, the sheet and the light steel keel frame, and the board and the board are connected together. The steel bar secures the upper and lower plates to the building structure and is integral with the building because of its high impact resistance.