Comparison Of Gypsum Mortar And Cement Mortar

- Feb 19, 2019-

Cement Mortar With Anti-Crack.jpg

In the past, many decoration companies chose traditional cement mortar as the base of the wall. However, as people's requirements for environmental protection continue to increase, cement mortar made of cement, fine aggregate and water has gradually failed to meet people's needs. . A more environmentally friendly and economical base material has been gradually promoted compared to cement mortar.

As a substitute for cement mortar, gypsum mortar, which is a mixture of semi-hydrated gypsum and gelling material, can achieve extremely high strength and durability.

The two materials have obvious differences in applicability. The Siao gypsum mortar is mainly used for wall leveling, and the gypsum mortar solidifies very fast, which is very suitable compared with the cement mortar which is shorter than one month and three months. Grab the construction period. Secondly, the gypsum mortar itself is sticky, which can eliminate empty drums and cracks, reducing the possibility of rework.

However, compared with gypsum mortar, cement mortar has a relatively long dry period, but because it is made of cement, it has high waterproof performance. It can also be because cement mortar is stirred on site, often using cement. The ground of the mortar has a certain probability of causing the moisture back of the cement mortar, and this situation is often caused by the construction period, and there is not enough time for the water in the cement to evaporate.

There is also a big difference in the use of the two. Gypsum mortar can only be used in the living room, bedroom, restaurant and other places at the grassroots level. It is not available in places with easy access to water such as toilets and kitchens. The reason is natural and the material itself. The non-waterproof properties are related, while the cement mortar is available for use with most indoor bases.

These two materials still have similar components to a certain extent. Currently, in addition to these two materials, there is a mortar mixed with two materials, and a mixed mortar made of cement as a bottom mixed gypsum ash. The characteristics of the two mortars.