Common Quality Problems Of Composite Wall Panels

- Sep 06, 2018-

Composite Wallboard Development These years, the manufacturers are the composite plate formulation and process as the core competitiveness of enterprises, so highly confidential, lack of experience between the industry exchanges, resulting in some lack of experience of the new manufacturers of products due to the quality of unqualified application to the application of quality problems in the construction of the whole new wall material reputation and development.

Manufacturers for the scale of assembly line manufacturers, the use of circulation cycle production mode, unique formula, low cost, excellent quality, in their own rich management and production experience for these manufacturers to provide production equipment and full-service, at the same time, fundamentally solve the composite plate production of the common surface layer peeling, U-groove cracks, uneven surface density, flying edge burr , plate surface easy to fold, flatness error, production molding cycle is long, production is not high, high production costs a series of production and installation problems.