Color Steel Sandwich Panel Installation

- Feb 18, 2019-

Roof Sandwich PU Panels.jpg

The first thing to pay attention to in roof construction is safety, because the roof is generally higher than the ground. Secondly, when carrying the color plate, you must use dry and clean gloves, do not drag the steel plate and other things on the surface of the color plate. The staff on the roof should wear soft rubber shoes, and the sand and dirt should be cleaned in front of the house. When walking along the longitudinal direction of the roof panel, walk in its slot. When walking along the slot, try to distribute the load evenly on the foot instead of the heel or toe.

This can be directly fixed to the wall substructure by using a self-tapping screw through the wall panel. It is also possible to indirectly connect to the wall substructure by means of a self-tapping screw through the connector. The accuracy associated with the installation of a general fa├žade panel is specified as follows: its facade has a verticality of 2 mm and its surface flatness is specified to be 3 mm. In addition, the seam flatness is 0.5 mm, and it must be installed in accordance with the factory regulations. Weatherproof glue is also required during installation. This is generally used when fixing some edge boards and flooding boards. Be careful to keep it tight when sealing with weather-resistant rubber caulking, so that it can effectively prevent gas penetration and rainwater leakage. For the end of the installation, you need to check. Generally, after the installation of the color steel sandwich panel curtain wall is completed, we have to remove the surface protection sheet from the top to the bottom and remove the layer by layer. Disassembly Note that the wall panel should not be scratched or bruised. Inspect and clean up some bonding and dust, etc., to maintain the integrity of the entire construction.