Class Of Cement Sandwich Panels

- Jan 09, 2019-

Cement Sandwich Panel.jpg

Lightweight cement sandwich composite panels are divided into the following structures by structure:

1. Cement rock wool eps panels  2. Cement polystyrene granule mortar sandwich panel 3. Foamed cement sandwich panel 4. Cement expanded perlite eps sandwich panel.

Lightweight composite partition wall board (fiber cement board surface flame retardant foam concrete core composite light wall panel) is a new type of wall material. The structure is UAC plant fiber reinforced cement panel on both sides, and the core body adopts light set. Concrete. The wallboard has the advantages of high strength, environmental protection, sound insulation, heat preservation, fireproofing, waterproofing, easy cutting, etc., especially for dry construction, easy installation, labor saving, time-saving, and less cracking, and steel can be used when the wall is too high The structural layering method is used for installation and so on, which has obvious advantages. For the first time, the Beijing Olympic Basketball Hall project applied the partition wall board to the secondary structure project of large stadiums. The construction technology and construction technology, especially the installation method of ultra-high and super-long partition walls, the treatment measures of the seams, and The method of connecting nodes and slotting and opening holes has been systematically studied, and the construction technology of PRC lightweight composite partition wall panels with its own characteristics has been formed. Lightweight partition wall board is mainly used for building wall insulation: such as: reinforced concrete wall, ceramsite hollow block filling wall, concrete hollow block wall, clay porous brick wall and other building roof insulation system, steel roof insulation, Ground insulation, storage insulation, pavement foundation, can be widely used in many fields, such as refrigerated trucks, square floors, airports, etc.