Can Wall Panels Be Earthquake And Impact Resistance

- Dec 21, 2018-

 Some client will inevitably worry that your sandwcih panel is lightweight,can the sandwich wall panels be Earthquake and Impact resistance? Do not worry that,our panel can resist the strong  hurricane,let me explain it .

ZJT building material which has the high strength and the high hardness features make its good performance in terms of shock.ZJT in full impactvibration system that triad structure, prefabricated construction,supper thick groove yin-yang design,the reinforced steel make wall panels base closely and firm connection,also can resist 8 intensity earthquake,whose seismic performance is 1.5 times that of the traditional wall materials,and non-deformation,integral sexis good,metope is not loose etc.Span in the tall layer and long wall compartment, the seismic performance will be more outstanding and ZJT light energy-saving wall panel in good stability makes it become a preferred modern new type energy-saving building seismic wall panel products.

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