Are Cement And Mortar The Same Thing?

- Dec 17, 2018-

Cement Mortar With Anti-Crack.jpg


Cement mortar is made of cement, fine aggregate and water, namely cement + sand + water, according to the needs of the mortar, cement mixed mortar is made of cement mixer , fine aggregate, lime and water. The two are different concepts, different in name and use.

Generally speaking, the 1:3 mortar mix  is compounded with 1 weight of cement and 3 weight of sand. In fact, the composition of water is neglected. Generally, it is about 0.6, that is, it should be 1:3:0.6, and the density of cement mortar is 2000Kg/ M3.

Note: The mortar used in the construction process is generally stirred on site for ease of construction. The ratio of cement mortar to 1:3 refers to the weight ratio, and then converted to the volume ratio according to the capacity of the on-site mixer or material container; used in structural construction. The mortar is mostly made of finished mortar, which is expressed by mortar strength, such as M5, M7.5, M10 mortar.

In the construction project, the first is the foundation and the wall masonry, and the binder used as the block masonry material, such as the masonry stone and the red brick, the cement mortar; the second is used for indoor and outdoor plastering.