Advantages Of EPS Foam Sandwich Panels

- Jan 30, 2019-

Eps Foam Wall Panels.jpg

The weight of the eps foam wall panels of 75 mm is equivalent to 1/7 of the weight of the 120 mm thick masonry, thus reducing the structural cost and increasing the use area. Construction is simple and convenient. The cost is significantly cheaper, from the 11.8m wallboard can be increased by 1 square meter (11.8m extended wallboard within 3m height, the total cost is less than 4,000 yuan). EPS particle sandwich panel wallboard can be called free wallboard. If the design of building structure begins to consider the use of lightweight wallboard, the standard of structural materials can be reduced, and the overall cost of the building can be greatly reduced.

2. EPS foam lightweight partition board increases the use area. Good overall.

    Insulation board  energy-saving wall material generally uses 50-200mm wall material and the thickness of 120 brick wall is 70mm less, that is to say, using energy-saving lightweight wallboard, each extended 14.28mm, can increase the use of 1 square meter area. Because it is a prefabricated construction, its three-in-one structure, the board and the board are integrally connected, and the impact resistance is 1.5 times that of the general masonry; the steel structure is used for anchoring, the wall strength is high, and it can be used as a layer with a high interval and a large span. The overall seismic performance of the wall is many times higher than that of ordinary masonry walls. The EPS particle sandwich panel has a compact structure, good integrity, no deformation, and the wall surface is not easy to loose, and the shock resistance is good.

3. EPS foam lightweight partition board environmental protection fire

    The raw materials used in insulation board  lightweight energy-saving wall material are basically free of harmful substances to human body, and no radioactive A-type products, in line with national G/T169-2005 standard. Fire-resistant limit of lightweight energy-saving wall materials at 1000 °C high temperature More than 4 hours, and no toxic gas is emitted, the non-combustible performance meets the national A-level standard.

4. EPS foam lightweight partition board can be nailed

    EPS particle sandwich panel can be directly nailed or bolted on the expansion bolt, such as air conditioner, etc., the single point hanging force is above 45kg; and the panel surface of the wall panel is smooth and smooth, no dust is generated, and the tile can be directly pasted. , wallpaper, wood veneer and other materials for the finish.

5. EPS foam lightweight partition board insulation, insulation

    The composition of EPS particle sandwich panel is made up of pure natural vermiculite, high-purity quartz powder, inorganic fiber and plant fiber through high temperature and high pressure steam, which determines that he has good heat insulation function and makes your indoor environment. More comfortable. The EPS particle sandwich panel has the ability to automatically adjust the moisture content of the indoor air with seasonal climate changes, keeping the humidity at a constant level, achieving ecological adjustment effects, in line with the development trend of modern residential buildings.

6. EPS foam lightweight partition board is moisture-proof and waterproof

    The experiment proves that the EPS particle sandwich panel can be cemented into a pool body filled with water without any waterproof finish, and the back of the wall can be kept dry without leaving traces, and will not appear in wet weather. Condensed water beads. The panel of the wallboard is a professional waterproof board with good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which can be applied to wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. The cement fiber on the surface of the EPS particle sandwich panel and its internal materials have good sound insulation effect. The sound insulation of the 90mm thick wallboard is 43db, and the sound insulation effect meets the sound insulation requirements of the national residence, which is much higher than other brick walls. The sound insulation effect of the body.