Low Cost Precast House Partition Wall Prefabricated Insulated Roof Eps Cement Sandwich Wall Panels

ZJT EPS cement sandwich panel is a kind of light weight energy saving wall material taking reinforced fiber cement board as face panel, within cement, EPS, fly ash as core material and forming by one time compound.Its birth marks the wall material will appear renewal trend, instead of traditional block, the new architectural thoughts and its outstanding performance meet the requirements of modern architectural environment.
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Low Cost Precast House Partition Wall Prefabricated insulated Roof Eps Cement Sandwich Wall Panels


Raw Material of low cost eps cement sandwich wall panels

Panel Material:Nonmetal

Face panel:5mm calcium silicate board/fiber cement boards

Core material:EPS,cement,fly ash,additives



Specifications and paremeter of eps cement wall panels




Features of cement wall panels

  1. Highlight the economic benefits,reduce project cost.

    ZJT sandwich panel could optimize beam structures,adjust building layout and improve application performance.It has following economic advantages:save living space,fast construction,low labour cost and 70%of panel could be recyled.



2.Lightweight,optimize structures.

  ZJT lightweight energy-saving sandwich panel,the weight for thickness 75mm is about 60kg/m2,the       average weight for the panel is 60-800kg/m3,while the bricks is 360kg/m2,the Autoclaved Aerated       Concrete is 120kg/m2.


3.Space saving increase living space.

  Red brick for four bedrooms,two living rooms,one kitchen and one bathroom 196m2.

  ZJT panel for four bedrooms,two ,living rooms,one kitchen and one bathroom 205m2.

  ZJT panels save 9m2.

4.Sound insulation.

  ZJT lightweight sandwich panels have good sound insulation, it is 40dB for 90mm thick wall and much   better for thicker panels,the sound effects in the line with national residential sound               requirements,much higher than other excuses brick wall of sound effects.



5.Easy to construct, transport and time saving.

  According to the construction data of several groups of construction sites, the construction amount   of 12 masonry bricks per day is 8 hours a day. If the construction of Zhongjingtai wall material is   used, 3 people can complete it in 60 minutes, and the efficiency advantage is very significant.


6.Earthquake resistance and impact resistance

  ZJT in full impact vibration system that triad structure,prefabricated construction,super thick       groove yin-yang design,the reinforced steel make  wall panels base closely and firm connection,also   can resist 8 intensity earthquake,whose seismic performance is 1.5 times that of the traditional       wall materials.


7.Strong hanging force,can be slotted wiring and buried pipe

  By hanging test,the single point hanging force of wall panel can be up to 50kg and above level,and     fully meet the wall of the general bearing applications,such as the installation of air-               conditioning,condole ark,water heater,fixed,marble mesa skeleton support and so on.


Advantages of wall panels


1/ green

Raw material used in ZJT boards are 100% free of harmful substances and are of A non-radioactive products, meeting national standard GB6566-2001.


2/ lightweight, economic

The volume-weight for the boards only 750-800kg/m, the weight of 75mm thickness ZJT board is 60kg/m2, equal to 1/6 of brick weight, 1/7 of 120mm thickness masonry. Finally, ZJT boards reduce structural cost because of lightweight.

3/moistureproof, waterproof


Experiment shows that the back side of water pools, made up by ZJT boards and special adhesives, will keep dry and leave no stains. During humid days, the boards will not condense water either. Therefore, ZJT boards are suitable to be installed in such wet areas as kitchens, bath rooms, basements because of its moistureproof and waterproof.




Fireproof limit of ZJT boards is more than 4 hours and does not emit toxic gases under 1000 degree. The nonflammable performance reaches national A-class standard.


5/ heat insulation


ZJT board is composed of special material to keep heat and thermal within a favorable condition. At same time, the ZJT boards are able to adjust moisture automatically and keep moisture at a balance level, according to moisture in air by seasons. It has achieved ecological regulation effect and meets the development trend of modern building.


6/ good integration


By using steels at the joints, the strength of walls is high enough to do partition in large story height and long span structures and it anti-seismic performance is several times higher than masonry. ZJT board owns excellent performance as integration. And it’s not easy to get loose and out of shape.


Applications of panels


1) • Interior wall, Partition wall & exterior wall:

 It has been widely applied to interior partition of high-rise buildings, with the advantages of excellent fire-proof, best hanging force and easy installation.


Interior wall


 Partition wall


Exterior wall

2) Floor System:

 It's much suitable for the floor plate of factory, workshop, warehouse, etc.



Install of wall panels

Light weight composite sandwich wall panels installation process:

1.Put wire,transport board in place,popup or down the wall plate and gauge double in the respective axis mount.

2.Any use of drilling to cut according to wall plate specifications.

3.Put cement binder and wall board in foundation.

4.Put cement binder,two pieces of the tenon on one side cement to wipe polymer mortar on any tongue and sides.

5.Installation,firstly prepare for the installation of plate moved into connection location,wall correction with a crowbar,use force tightly,to let polymer mortar extrusion from the joints in high spirits.

6.Adjustment,use wood wedge to bit into the bottom of the wall plate so that it adjust vertical formation

7.Correction,fix,use more than 2m or 2m guiding rule to check vertical,flat correction.

8.Grout,fill the pulp,use polymer mortar to infill and flatness after correcting the wall body,use polymer mortar to fill the gap size up or down.

9.Fixed,upper part of wall panels with Φ6mm or Φ8mm steel reinforce in the middle of walls by 45 degrees to bit into,the bottom with “7shaped”ribbed steel,one head is bitten into concrete base,the other head is bitten into the wall plate

Simple installation process:

1.Put wire   2.Cutting   3.Put cement binder   4.Put cement binder  

5.Adjustment   6.Installation   7.Correction   8.Fill the pulp   9.Fixed





1. Is EPS cement sandwich panel lightweight? 

Yes, it is. Capacity six hundred and fifty to eight hundred KG per cubic meter, it is one sixth of brick wall, even is one half of aerated concrete block. 


2. Is EPS cement panel fireproof? 

Yes, it is. It control fire slipping out of the origin unit, prevent fire spreading, prevent toxic gas generating or insolating Through fire high temperature test for four hours, panels only have skin injury


3. Is EPS cement panel thermal insulation? 

Yes, it is. EPS cement panel's composite material determines that it has excellent heat insulation and thermal insulation functions


4. Is EPS cement panel soundproof? 

Yes, it is. EPS cement panel's surface is fiber cement board, interior composite material and the concave-convex grooves between two panels make it has excellent sound absorption and soundproof function. 100mm thickness isolate sound beyond 45dB, it's much higher than blockwork


5. Is EPS cement panel strength strong? 

Yes, it is. Anti-impact performance is 1.5 times of the blockwork, With steel structure fixed, can make high levels, big span wall, overall anti-seismic performance is 10 times of normal blockwork


6. After installation can it be paint without putty? 

Yes, it can. You can paint directly without putty, and also can decorate without plastering


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