Fire Rated Calcium Silicate Board Sandwich Panel Homes

ZJT light wall board is light in texture and easy to install. Environmental protection is beautiful, heat insulation and sound insulation. It can increase the use area of the room. It is an environmental protection material and has the support of the state. Light partition can be cut at will, which brings great convenience and flexibility to the construction. And the variety of light partition board, strong selectivity, but also improve the grade of decoration, looks both beautiful and generous.
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Fire rated calcium silicate board sandwich panel homes



Cement / fly ash composite sandwich wall board was produced by rolling mechanized assembly line with polyphenylethylene foam board, cement, fly ash, reinforced fiber and admixture as main raw materials. The product has the characteristics of high strength, heat insulation and heat preservation, excellent waterproof performance and so on.





  1. Energy saving environmental protection, no harmful substances, no radioactivity, can be reused, do not produce construction waste, widely used in all kinds of places.


  2. The fire resistance limit of fire prevention at 1000 degrees Celsius is more than 4 hours, and it does not emit toxic gases, and its non-flammability meets the national class A standard.


 3. Increase use area The wall material thickness is between 60-180mm, which greatly saves the           building space compared with the traditional masonry wall thickness.


 4. Moisture proof and waterproofing There is no leakage in the container made of no waterproof           veneer, which has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and is suitable for wet areas       such as factory building, toilet, basement and so on.


 5. Compression, shock resistance and impact resistance Because of the assembled construction, it is     a three-in-one structure, and the plate and tenon are connected as a whole, and the compressive       and anti-shock performance meet the national standard. 


 6. Heat preservation and heat insulation The wall material mainly uses the environmental protection     and energy saving material of frost resistance and heat preservation, has the good heat insulation     and heat preservation function, causes the indoor temperature to maintain a constant level, causes     the environment to be more comfortable.


 7. Nailable paste The wall board can be directly nailed or inflated bolt to hang the heavy object,       the single point hanging force is above 50kg, the panel surface of the wall board is smooth and       will not produce dust, and the tile, wallpaper, wood decoration board and other materials can be       pasted directly for finishing treatment.















1) • Interior wall, Partition wall & exterior wall:

 It has been widely applied to interior partition of high-rise buildings, with the advantages of excellent fire-proof, best hanging force and easy installation.

2) Floor System:

 It's much suitable for the floor plate of factory, workshop, warehouse, etc.






Packing and shipping


1). Free packing, normal pallet + packing belt

2). Standard exporting packing, good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film

3). Loading: Normally 18 pallets per 20' container or according to clients' requirements



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