Withstand Wind EPS Sandwich Panel Walling

Withstand Wind EPS Sandwich Panel Walling

1.Interior wall: 75/90/100mm
2.Exterior wall: 120/150mm
3.Floor: 120mm
4.Roof: 60/75mm
5.Other application: fence, roof deck, swimming pool, fishpond
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Withstand Wind EPS Sandwich Panel Walling

Composite of EPS Sandwich Panel

composite sandwich panel

Strength of EPS Sandwich Panel

The EPS Sandwich Panel has a fire endurance limit of more than 4 hours at 1000°C, and does not emit toxic and harmful gases. The non-combustible performance meets the national A-class standard. After the installation of the wallboard, the specific superior stability and integrity, with good fire resistance, can limit the fire and smoke gas in the fire area, prevent the fire from spreading, and block the generation of toxic gases (or effectively isolate it). To enable personnel to have enough time to evacuate and fire, avoid major loss of life and property, and provide a guarantee for your safety.


The special fiber reinforced panel used in the EPS Sandwich Panel and the honeycomb structure formed by the inner foam concrete and the concave-convex connection between the board and the board have good sound absorption and sound insulation effects. The sound insulation of the 100 mm thick wall panel is 42 dB, which is greatly high.


According to the specification of the national building partition board, the traditional 120mm and 180mm thick brick walls can be replaced by the 75mm and 100mm wall panels respectively. The thickness of the 120mm brick wall after plastering reaches 160mm, which is 85mm more than the 75mm wallboard. Obviously, the use of EPS Sandwich Panel system, the construction of 10-12m extended wall can increase the use area of 1m2, the utilization rate increases by 4-6%, the added utility area value is higher than the wall panel cost, so the EPS Sandwich Panel is very suitable for The partitions of shops and houses are divided into households.


Since it is completely dry-laid construction, if the height of the wall is less than 4 meters, an average skilled worker can install more than 35m2 a day, and the wall is flattened without plastering, which is more efficient than the construction of the masonry wall. 1.5 times. The requirements for the installation workers are lower, only the installation workers are careful, and the line is accurate when installed. The wall panel can also be arbitrarily cut and assembled according to the structure of the building, which reduces the damage of the material and the construction waste, and achieves the effects of simple transportation, sanitary stacking, no need for mortar, and shortening the construction period.

Application of EPS Sandwich Panel





--real estate

wind proof internal walling

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