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The fiber-reinforced silicate plate is used as the panel, the middle is filled with light core material, and the non-load-bearing lightweight composite wall material is compounded and formed. It is environmentally friendly, light and high-strength, heat-insulating and sound-proof, waterproof and convenient for construction. Performance: green, 100% non-asbestos, no radioactive materials; solid, lightweight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force; heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof;
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Product Details

water resistent wall panels exterior wall panels roof panel concrete panel

Product introduce

ZJT Lightweight Composite Energy-saving Sandwich Wall Panel is composed of face panel and exterior filling.The material of face panel is thin fiber cement board or calcium silicate board,and the middle is filled with lightweight composite core materials,including cement,EPS and fly ash.


Product Specification

EPS lightweight composite wall panelLength×Width (mm)Thickness optional
Regular size (mm)2270×610mm60/75/90/100/120/150mm
Thickness suggest (mm)Roof60mm
Interior wall75/90/100mm
Exterior wall120/150mm

Product Application

Interior wall and Exterior wall


Roof and Floor


ZJT Lightweight Composite Energy-saving Sandwich Wall Panel Advantages

  1. The lightweight composite partition wall panel can increase the use area, has good integrity, and is not easily deformed during use, the wall body is not easy to loose, and the seismic performance is good.


2. The partition wall itself has the functions of moisture-proof, waterproof and sound-proof, and can    maintain a constant humidity level during use to achieve the effect of ecological adjustment. Very    in line with the development trend of modern architecture.

3. This partition can play a role in fire protection and environmental protection. Even if it is used    for a long time at high temperatures, it will not emit toxic gases. Its flame resistance is in line    with national standards. The benefits of using lightweight partitions for customers are as follows: (1) Reduce overall costs and increase economic efficiency.

(2) Increase the usable area and utilization rate of buildings, and consider the saleable unit as the     valuation unit of the sale unit to enhance the competitive advantage of the unit in terms of           price; 

(3) The ability of buildings to withstand earthquakes, fires and other disasters is greatly improved.


(4) In promoting real estate development, the concept of “ecological housing” and “natural             environmentally friendly housing” can be highlighted, with “breathing housing” or “self-           regulating ecological housing” as a selling point. Unlike other buildings, creation is different.

Comprehensive advantages

1. Energy saving and environmental protection (the test does not contain any substances harmful to the human body)

2. Fire protection (Class A1 is non-flammable, fire resistance is 4 hours)

3. Earthquake resistance (can be used as level 8 earthquake resistance)

4. Weight (about 66 kg per square meter)

5. Sound insulation (42dB)

6. Waterproof, moisture-proof, halogen-free, tiling tile, marble (can be used in kitchen, bathroom, basement and other wet areas)

7. High stability and good weather resistance. Adhesive suspension, hanging nails (single-point suspension 1000N), increasing the use area and reducing project costs.

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