Soundproof EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel

Soundproof EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panels are structured insulated panels used as construction materials. Basically, they are three layered sandwich panels
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Soundproof EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panels are structured insulated panels used as construction materials. Basically, they are three layered sandwich panels; a low density insulating core (cement) is sandwiched between relatively two hardened skin layers of structured board on each side of the core. Front board can be calcium silicate board (thickness : 5mm). These structural combinations are best fit for environments where low weight and high structural rigidity is desirable.


1. Easy Construction Process

1)Easy to Install: Using our installation material (EPS Foam and Cement Adhesive) is easy to build house.

2)Shorter Time: For a 50sq. house, using ZJT EPS Sandwich wall panel, three people can finish it within one day, while using traditional block, it will take at least seven days.

2. High Security performance

1) High Intension: ZJT Sandwich wall panel can be nailed directly or have expansion bolt to lift and hang heavies, it can be covered by ceramic tile, wall paper, wood panel, coating etc.

2) Earthquake Resistance: The Seismic performance of ZJT Sandwich wall panel is at a magnitude of 8.

3. Space and Cost Saving

1) Space Saving: ZJT concrete sandwich wall panel with the thickness of 60mm-150mm, as a thin and solid new type construction material, it will save a lot of construction space compared with the traditional block.

2) Labor Cost Saving: As ZJT wall panel is easy and fast to construct.


1). Interior partition (60mm,75mm or 90mm is your best choice)

2). Exterior Wall (120mm, 150mm, 180mm for your reference)

3). Floor and roof

4). Prefabricated houses

5). Modern high-rise Building

6). Schools, Hotels, office

7). Indoor space of ecological residences

8). All kinds of houses and structures


1.How has EPS cement sandwich wall panel been used?

Hospitality, hotels and restaurants, retails, warehouses, industrial, office buildings, education, medical, clinics and offices, religious, single residential homes, multistorey commercial, residential projects.

2.What are main advantages of EPS cement sandwich panel cover other building materials?

It is highly fire resistant, has excellent thermal insulation value. Is decay and rot proof, had good sound reduction properties and cost-saving. EPS cement sandwich panel performs well in seismic situations and high wind areas. Building with EPS cement sandwich panel can reduce the quantity of materials used and labor, greatly enhanced the construction speed.

3.What is your main market?

Our products are desired all over the world, and the main market is Asia, Oceania, Middle East, South America, and developing countries.

4.How can I get samples for testing?

A: We will send you free samples, if you have DHL, UPS or Fedex account, that will be the best, if have not, you can transfer the shipping cost to us, we will send the samples to you by our shipping account.  

5.Is EPS cement sandwich wall panel strength strong?

Yes, it is. Anti-impact performance is 1.5 times of the block work, With steel structure fixed, can make high levels, big span wall, overall anti-seismic performance is 10 times of normal block work.

6.After installation can it be paint without putty?

Yes, it can. You can paint directly without putty, and also can decorate without plastering.