Readymade Prefabricated House EPS Sandwich Panel

Readymade Prefabricated House EPS Sandwich Panel

(1)Supply Ability:20000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
(5)Fire rated:4 hours
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Readymade prefabricated house EPS cement sandwich panel 

Information of EPS cement sandwich panel

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel is a kind of lightweight Energy-saving wall material taking reinforced calcium silicate or cement calcium silicate Board as face panel,cement,eps,fly ash as core forming by one time compound.

Readymade prefabricated house EPS cement sandwich panel


Advantages of EPS cement sandwich panel

The main characteristics of lightweight EPS cement sandwich wall panel are as follows:

1. Good thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation performance exceeds the thickness of 570mm brick wall, and the lightweight foam concrete thermal insulation wall board does not need to be used as the outer wall foam insulation layer.

2, The construction speed is fast. The installation is simple and convenient, the roof panel, the grid plate, the floor panel adopts the hoisting welding method, which is more than 8 times faster than the concrete cast-in-place method; the wall panel adopts the assembly welding method, which is more than 5 times faster than the block wall Can greatly shorten the construction period. The wall panel can be sawed, nailed, drilled, arbitrarily cut, and freely manufactured.

3, Soundproofing, waterproof and fireproof performance: the sound insulation effect is up to 42dB, the board has self-waterproof function, and the fire resistance limit is more than 3 hours. Anti-freeze-thaw cycles more than 25 times, moisture-proof performance and other testing items have reached national standards.

4. Earthquake resistance and lightening of foundation load: Compared with clay solid bricks, light wall panels are lighter than three to four times, and lighter than hollow concrete blocks by two to three times, solving girders, large columns and deep foundations. The problem applies not only to low-rise buildings, but also to high-rise buildings, light geology and beaches, beaches and other buildings. The frame connection has good seismic performance, the wall is light in quality, and the wall collapses during the earthquake, which is not easy to cause casualties.

5, The surface decoration is easy. The surface of the EPS cement sandwich wall panel is flat, and the wallpaper, wall tiles and spray can be directly attached after the seam is added.

6. Low overall cost: Due to the foundation load of the light beam column, the construction is fast and the cycle is short, which is 20% lower than the total equivalent of the clay brick and hollow block brick.

7. Environmental protection, energy saving and reduce waste. EPS cement sandwich wall panel materials do not contain toxic or harmful substances, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

8, Increase the use of building area. The wall of EPS cement sandwich wall panel can increase the use of 8-10% of the area, is the property development and buyers are willing to accept.


Readymade prefabricated house EPS cement sandwich panel


Q:Being lightweight does EPS cement sandwich panel have the same strength like concrete panels or bricks?

A:EPS cement sandwich panel is designed with dimensional accuracy and comprehensive strength. It can be used in many loading bearing application. Weather it is a large, small or tall job. EPS cement sandwich panel walls installed using specific mortar function as a monolithic structure. It provides better strength as compared to the concrete block, clay brick building.

Q:How has EPS cement sandwich panel been used?

A:Hospitality, hotels and restaurants, retails, warehouses, industrial, office buildings, education, medical, clinics and offices, religious, single residential homes, multistorey commercial, residential projects.

Q:What are main advantages of EPS cement sandwich panel cover other building materials?

A:EPS cement sandwich panel is highly fire resistant, has excellent thermal insulation value. Is decay and rot proof, had good sound reduction properties and cost-saving. EPS cement sandwich panel performs well in seismic situations and high wind areas. Building with EPS cement sandwich panel can reduce the quantity of materials used and labor, greatly enhanced the construction speed.

Certificate of EPS cement sandwich panel


--Compressive strength

--Impact test

--Hanging nail force

--Thermal conductivity

--Fire resistance tests

--Sound transmission loss




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