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The fiber-reinforced silicate plate is used as the panel, the middle is filled with light core material, and the non-load-bearing lightweight composite wall material is compounded and formed. It is environmentally friendly, light and high-strength, heat-insulating and sound-proof, waterproof and convenient for construction. Performance: green, 100% non-asbestos, no radioactive materials; solid, lightweight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force; heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof.
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Product Details

Outdoor wall panel  foam concrete wall panels structural panels  eps cement panel

Product introduce of sandwich panel house  

Material & Applications:
The out layers are calcium silicate boards and the middle is EPS composite core material, which is widely applied as interior/exterior wall, roof, floor and other construction. 
Compared with the other wall panels, those features of our products such as lightweight, thermal insulation, fireproof, acoustic insulation, fast installation, energy and space saving will lower your cost and improve the economic benefit. 


Product features of cement sandwich panel  

1.Environmental protection
The raw materials used do not contain harmful substances to human bodies, and are non-radioactive Class A products, which comply with the national G / T23451-2009 standard.

2.Fire prevention
The fire resistance limit at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius is not less than 3 hours, and it does not emit toxic gases, and its non-combustible performance reaches the national A-level standard.

3.Expand house space
Lightweight partition board is divided into inner wall and outer wall. The partition board of inner wall can fully expand the space of the house.

4.Good integrity
Due to the assembly construction, the three-in-one body structure, the plate is connected to the plate as a whole, the impact resistance is strong, the steel structure method is used for anchoring, the wall is high in strength, and it can be used as a partition wall with a high layer and a large span Many times higher than ordinary masonry walls. The composite wall panel partition system has a compact structure, good integrity, no deformation, no loose wall surface, and good seismic resistance.

5.Moistureproof and waterproof
Experiments show that the lightweight wallboard can be cemented into a pool body filled with water without any waterproof finish, and the backside of the lightweight wallboard can be kept dry without leaving traces, even in wet weather Beads of condensation appear. The panel of the lightweight partition board is a professional waterproof board, which has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and can be applied to wet areas such as kitchens, toilets, and basements.

It has good sound insulation effect, and its sound insulation effect meets the sound insulation requirements of national residences, which is much higher than that of other brick walls.

7.Simple and fast construction
Completely dry operation, assembly construction, wall panels can be cut to adjust width and length. During the construction, the transportation is simple, the stacking is hygienic, no mortar is needed, the construction period is greatly shortened, and the material loss rate is low, and the construction waste is reduced.

8.Thermal insulation
The manufacturing process of the light-weight partition board determines the good thermal insulation function to make your indoor environment more comfortable.

9.Strong hanging power
The composite wallboard can be directly nailed or expansion bolts to hang heavy objects, and the panel surface of the wallboard is smooth and smooth, and no dust can be generated. Materials such as ceramic tiles, wallpaper, and wood decorative boards can be directly pasted.

10.Lightweight economy
The construction is simple and convenient, reduces labor intensity, speeds up the construction progress, saves the total cost of the project, and meets the requirements of different customers for the indoor and outdoor environment of modern buildings.

Product application of  precast concrete panel price

Applicable to projects with high requirements for room sound insulation such as hotels, ktv, schools, hospitals, etc.

Applicable to projects with restrictions on construction requirements, such as shopping mall partition walls, secondary renovation partition walls.

Applicable to projects with requirements for lightening wall loads: ultra-high walls, light steel houses, steel structures, prefabricated houses.

Suitable for projects with special requirements on fire prevention, such as pipeline wells, firewalls, large kitchens.

Applicable to projects that require construction progress.

It is suitable for projects with special requirements for moisture-proof and waterproof: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, outdoor and other projects.

It is suitable for items with requirements on nail attachment, such as tooling, home improvement, internal and external walls and other conventional partition walls.

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Product specification of new building construction materials

Product nameLightweight Composite Cement Sandwich Wall Panel
Applicationroofinterior wallexterior wall or floor

Packing and shipping

1.Free packing (with normal pallet and packing belt)
2.Standard exporting packing (wrapped with plastic thin film,edge protect and good pallet): USD20-30/Package 3.Packing size: 1500-3000*610*1000mm Loading: 18 pallets per 20' container, 11000kgs-18000kgs per 20' container.




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