Office Partition Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel

Office Partition Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel

(2)Accessiories:cement mortar,steel bar
(4)Anti-earthquake:8 grade
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Product Details

Office Partition Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel

Introduction of Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel

Product name

EPS concrete sandwich wall panel


Calcium silicate board as upper and bottom surface board

Cement,fly ash, expanded polystyrene(eps), additive as core material.

Packaging & Shipping

Packed with plastic film, protected by belt and place in pallet.


One 20' GP

Lead Time

10-20 days after payment confirmed.



Payment terms

1. T/T 30% deposit before production, T/T balance after receiving scan of documents. 2. L/C at sight.

Slotted and wiring

Available, easy slotted and wiring.


Yes, use A great fireproof eps grain, more than 3hours for 100mm panel.


Yes, use calcium silicate board as surface panel with waterproof function.


Yes, more than 42dB sound transmission loss ability for 100mm panel.


Yes, only 66kg/m2 for 100mm panel, optimize structure, increase construction speed.


Office Partition Wall EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel


Advantages of Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel






EPS cement sandwich panels are one-fifth of the weight of concrete and are produced in easily handled sizes. (Density for 100mm is 66/m2)



Using EPS cement sandwich panels can shorten the construction period in half because of its lightweight and easy workability.

In most cases the need for supplementary insulation can be avoided.




Thermal conductivity of EPS cement sandwich panels is one-tenth of that of concrete, that means insulated features are 10 times than concrete. Thermal insulation for EPS cement sandwich panels of thickness 100mm is equal to clay tile wall of 300mm. Therefore, EPS cement sandwich panels are building materials with excellent features of thermal insulation.


Sound insulation

Sound insulation for EPS cement sandwich panels of 100mm is 42dB.



(3 hours)

The fire-resistant time for EPS cement sandwich panels of 100mm is 3.hours. The original materials of EPS cement sandwich panels is totally inorganic and is incombustible, and will not volatilize noxious gas even under the high temperature. The product is especially suited for fire-rated applications.



As a building envelope, EPS cement sandwich panels are known for their excellent anti-vibration by architects. In a simulated earthquake experiment (seismic intensity 8), none of the panels fracture, and joints of test construction are undamaged.


Environmental protection

The EPS cement sandwich panel is designed for consumers who are environmentally conscious. It helps reduce at least 30% of environmental waste, decrease over 50% of greenhouse radiation and over 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick.



EPS cement sandwich panel are not affected by harsh climatic conditions and will not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions. The service life matches with all kinds of construction.



The EPS cement sandwich panel is lightweight and easy workability means it is very quick to install on site, and the construction period will be shortened in half.

 external wall panels

Application of Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel

Applicable to sub-room sound insulation has higher requirements on projects such as hotels, ktv, schools, hospitals, etc.

Applicable to projects that have restrictions on construction, such as shopping mall partitions, secondary renovation walls.

Applicable to the requirements for reducing the wall load: ultra-high wall, light steel house, steel structure, prefabricated house.

Suitable for projects with special requirements for fire protection, such as pipeline wells, firewalls, and large kitchens.

Applicable to projects that require construction progress.


Suitable for projects with special requirements for moisture and water resistance: bathroom, washroom, kitchen, outdoor and other projects.

Applicable to the requirements of nail-paste attachment: tooling, home improvement, interior and exterior walls and other conventional partition walls.

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