Lightweight Partition Wall Panel Prefab Wall Structural Insulated Panel Fireproof Sandwich Panel

The fiber-reinforced silicate plate is used as the panel, the middle is filled with light core material, and the non-load-bearing lightweight composite wall material is compounded and formed. It is environmentally friendly, light and high-strength, heat-insulating and sound-proof, waterproof and convenient for construction. Performance: green, 100% non-asbestos, no radioactive materials; solid, lightweight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force; heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof.
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Lightweight partition wall panel prefab wall  structural insulated panel  fireproof sandwich panel

Product introduce

Lightweight wall panels are light in texture and easy to install. Environmental protection and beautiful, heat insulation and sound insulation. Can increase the usable area of the room. It is an environmentally friendly material and is supported by the state. Lightweight partition board can be cut at will, which brings great convenience and flexibility to the construction. Moreover, there are many varieties of lightweight partition boards and strong selectivity, which also improves the grade of decoration, which looks beautiful and elegant.

The light-weight partition board can be cemented into a pool body filled with water without any waterproof finish. The back of the light-weight partition board can be kept dry and leave no traces, and it will not appear in a humid climate. Condensation drops. The panel of the lightweight partition board is a professional waterproof board, which has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and can be applied to wet areas such as kitchens, clean rooms, and basements.

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Product specification

Product namelightweight composite cement sandwich wall panel
Applicationroofinterior wallexterior wall and floor

Product application




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