Lightweight EPS Cement Green Wall Panel

Double Sides Surface Board: Calcium silicate board 5.0mm thickness;Fiber reinforced cement board, FRC board
Core: (100% non-asbestos)EPS beads, Patented additive, Portland cement, sand
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ZJT Light Composite Energy-saving Sandwich Wall Panel is composed of face panel and interior filling. The product has solid,lightweight,thin,better strength,impact resistance,hanging strength,heat insulation,sound insulation,fireproof,waterproof,easy cutting,pet and rot resistant,increasing usable space.

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1). Heat Insulation and PreservationThe major material is polystyrene grains and other anti-freezing and heat preserving environmental protection materials, which can adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range to achieve the effects of ecological adjustment.
2). Waterproof and FireproofThe face panel of energy-saving boards on both side are 5mm calcium silicate fireproof board and the main materials are the mixture of cement, sand, fly ash, etc.
3). Sound Insulation and AbsorptionThe inside construction material (EPS polystyrene grain) functions well in sound insulation and sound-absorbing.
4). Easy Construction and Time SavingFor the same construction work that takes 12 people and 60 minuses to complete with traditional blocks, only 3 people and 60 minutes will do with boards, thus can save a lot of labor and time cost for the construction part.
5). High Intensity and Quake ProofThe energy saving boards are all with high intensity and the earthquake resistance can reach 8.5 magnitudes.
6). Space and Cost SavingFor its thickness and lightweight features, the building area is largely increased and saves the cost construction structure a lot.
7). High Recycled Ultilization RatioThe panel is solid and strong physical performance, anti-corrosion, high strength and low damage rate. If ZJT's dry splicing method was put to use, wall panel reuse rate would up 93%which can save 71%~95% of wall panel cost.
8). Strong Hanging Force and can be SlottedZJT panel can meet various of demand, be easily slotted hole and also will reduce dust and increase the operation environment quality.


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