Interior Wall Paneling For Bathroom

Interior Wall Paneling For Bathroom

Interior Wall Paneling for Bathroom The strictly manufacturing process for Interior Wall Paneling provide the good quality products, which are widely applied on partition wall, roofing and flooring. Economic Analysis: ZJT lightweight Interior Wall Paneling reduce 30tons weight compared with...
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Interior Wall Paneling for Bathroom

The strictly manufacturing process for Interior Wall Paneling provide the good quality products, which are widely applied on partition wall, roofing and flooring.

Economic Analysis:

  1. ZJT lightweight Interior Wall Paneling reduce 30tons weight compared with traditional bricks in every 100mof building area.

  2. Every 100mbuilding area could save living space about 4.26% by using ZJT Interior Wall Paneling.

  3. ZJT Interior Wall Paneling reduce the labor, transporting and also construction cost.

  4. ZJT Interior Wall Paneling could optimize beam structures, adjust building layout and improve application performance. It has following econimic advantages: save living space, fast construction, low labour cost and 70% of panels could be recyled.

  5. Because the Interior Wall Paneling using assemble design, the skill of the operation personnal is required extremely low and master coolie all can do. Compared with traditional clay brick, the efficiency can be promoted about 10 times, without plaster processing, greatly save the time for a project. Accoridng to many groups costruction sites data, brick masonry construction capacity of 12 individuals for eight hours a day. If use Interior Wall Paneling in construction, three people could complete in 60 minutes, so efficiency advantages is very significant.


Basic Information of Interior Wall Paneling:

Surface Cement Board

calcium silicate board with water proof and fireproof 

Core Material 

A class EPS grain, cement, fly ash, 



Connection way

Tongue&Groove, cement mortar, steel bar


one container/200m2
Lead time7-20days


Installation Node of Interior Wall Paneling:

  1. Sticking anti-crack tape on joints if all the Interior Wall Paneling are decorated with painting(use construction glue for the interior wall, painting for the exterior wall).

  2. The fitting of the door and window is the same as concrete gas blocks or other ordinary wall materials.

  3. Fix the bith ends of each axes with iron parts and reserve extension gap, and fill the gap with PU foam, connect the panels with cement adhesive. Leave the extension gap in the middle if the wall length exceeds 4m, every two external wall to be covered with waterproof glue.

  4. Fill the gap between panels and steel structure with PU foam or constructuion glue.

fast install

1. Paying-off and Sandwich Wall Panels Arrived on Site

Adopting high precision laser alignment instrument to eject double lines of panel thickness on axial line of panel installation location, move the panel to the settled location according to different specifications.

2. Sawing Panel According to Requirement

Adopting hand-hold electric saw cutting the panel according to different need, make sure maximum using each panel to reduce the waste.

3. Sizing

Sizing the bump slots and even up the special ZJT panel adhesive into the bump slots and baseline of the floor.

4. Installation

Erected the painted panel with adhesive and move it to the prepared installation site, adjusting the panel to fit both of the baseline and tighten each panel to push the extra polymer mortar out of the joint crack, fixing the panel by wooden wedge.

5. Correction and Fixation

Correcting the panel position by using 2m levelness & verticality straight guide rule, adopting expansion rubber together with 6mm or 8mm steel bar to fix the panel.

6. Grouting and Filling Thick Liquid

Leave the installed and corrected panel for one day, adopting BOYUEJIA special panel adhesive to filling the joint crack. Remove wooden wedge and smooth the crack by polymer mortar.

7. Slotting and Wiring

Adopting hand-electric saw to cut the slotting for switch box or concealed line if needed, smooth the slotting by polymer mortar after installation.

8. Sticking Anti-Crack Tape

Sticking anti-crack tape in 3-5 days after grouting to prevent crack which may caused by long time expansion or contraction.

9. Installing Door Frame

Reserve holes for door and window, and fixing the holes by plywood line anchor.

10. Decoration

Sandwich wall panel do not need extra plaster for the surface, decorating the wall surface directly by tiles, wallpaper or other painting.

Application of Interior Wall Paneling:

1. Interior wall: 90/100mm are your best choice for interior partition wall.

2. Exterior wall: 120/150mm are for your choice.

3. Floor: 120mmwill be recommend to you

4. Roof: 60/75mm are suitable for roof system.

5. Other application: fence, roof deck, swimming pool, fishpond...

1) Urban complexes   

2) Hotel walls High-end office space  

3) Municipal key projects Apartment   

4) Hospitals

5) Schools  

6) Mall shops partition 

7) Professional fire protection projects  

8) Reconstruction project 

9) Underground space


Q:What is your delivery time?
A:Normally, within 15 days. If we have the needed product in stock, can be shipped within 7 days. For bulk order, delivery time depends on the quantity.

Q: Do you have any certificates or qualifications?

A: Yes. We have passed SGS, TUV. 

Q:Is EPS cement sandwich panel lightweight?
A:Yes, it is. Capacity six hundred and fifty to eight hundred KG per cubic meter, it is one sixth of brick wall , even is one half of aerated concrete block.

Q:After installation can it be paint without putty?
A:Yes, it can. You can paint directly without putty, and also can decorate without plastering.

Q:Are EPS cement sandwich panel advisable to use on high rise buildings, consider the structural load on the foundation?

A:EPS cement sandwich panel are most recommended to be used on high rise buildings. Because it’s lightweight characteristics.

Q:Being lightweight does EPS cement sandwich panel have the same strength like concrete panels or bricks?

A:EPS cement sandwich panel is designed with dimensional accuracy and comprehensive strength. It can be used in many loading bearing application. Weather it is a large, small or tall job. EPS cement sandwich panel walls installed using specific mortar function as a monolithic structure. It provides better strength as compared to the concrete block, clay brick building.

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