Insulated Roof Panels Structural Insulated Panels Soundproof Wall Panels Polyurethane Sandwich Panels

Composite wallboard is a new generation of high-performance interior partitions produced by industry. It is composed of a variety of building materials and replaces traditional bricks.It has the obvious advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and pollution-free, lightweight earthquake resistance, fire protection, heat insulation, sound insulation and fast construction.
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Product Details

Insulated roof panels structural insulated panels soundproof wall panels polyurethane sandwich panels

Product introduce

This product has many advantages, the most notable of which are fire and sound insulation. 1. This product is the most ideal fire-resistant inner partition wall at home and abroad, with a fire resistance limit of 3 hours, and does not emit toxic gases, which conforms to national building material industry standards. 2. It has a good sound insulation effect, reaching 42dB, which meets the sound insulation requirements of national houses, which is much higher than the sound insulation requirements of other masonry bricks.

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Product specification

Product nameLightweight eps cement sandwich panel
Applicationroofinteriro wallexterior wall or floor slab

Product application



Product feature

1.Energy saving, Green, Environmental friendly 
The raw materials do not include harmful substances. 
Energy-saving effects of the building is greatly improved It is highly recommended by the government.
2. Durable
70+ years building life span.
3. Strong 
Hard surface and no damage after impacting. The hanging strength of single spot is 100kg, can nail  and affix tile.
4. Fireproof 
Panels have a fire rating of 4 hours. Grade A of National standard.
5. Waterproof, Dampproof
No bead on wall panel surface in wet climate.
6. Sound insulation 
The sound insulation capacity in the air is 35db-45db (according to National standard: GBJ121-88).
7. Quakeproof   
More suitable for seismic & cyclone prone zones.
8. Unique tongue and groove 
Specially designed tongue and groove arrangement ensures a perfect joint and makes construction faster.
9. Rapid installation 
Being light in weight, handling & installation become very easy. One worker can do 20 sqm every day.
10. Dry working 
It is very convenient, less building rubbish left after installation and clean up easily.
11. Excellent surface finish 
The wallboard surface is level. You can plaster directly for inner decoration. It also can take all decorative treatment.

Packing and shipping

1.Free packing (with normal pallet and packing belt) 2.Standard exporting packing (wrapped with plastic thin film,edge protect and good pallet): USD20-30/Package 3.Packing size: 1500-3000*610*1000mm Loading: 18 pallets per 20' container, 11000kgs-18000kgs per 20' container.

Product installation

The first step: put the line, transport the board in place. On the axis where the lightweight partition board is installed, a double line of thickness is ejected up and down respectively, and the required number of panels are placed along the double line.

The second step: install and according to the board. According to the required size of the wall, the whole piece is the main part when installing, and then the electric saw is used to cut according to the measured size.

The third step: sizing. After all installations are completed, first brush the concave-convex grooves of the wallboard with clean water, and then apply the special adhesive to the concave-convex grooves of the wallboard and the floor baseline.

Step 4: Correct and fix. Use a straight ruler to check the flatness and verticality of 2 meters, and then fix it with 6mm or 8mm steel bars and construction glue.

Step 5: The installation of lightweight wall panels is completed. Move the wallboard with the adhesive to the assembly position, stand it up and align the upper and lower baselines, use an iron crowbar to close the board to the board, let the mortar polymer squeeze out from the joint, and finally use a wooden wedge Fix it.

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