Insulated Precast Concrete Interior Panel

EPS cement sandwich lightweight insulated precast concrete interior wall panel Product Description The EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel is made from the unique foam cement board, new patented product.It has the feature of Fireproof,Waterproof、Heat Insulation, and Sound Insulation.EPS Concrete...
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Product Details

                  EPS cement sandwich lightweight insulated precast concrete interior wall panel

Product Description

The EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel is made from the unique foam cement board, new patented product.It has the feature of Fireproof,Waterproof、Heat Insulation, and Sound Insulation.EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel can be widely applied to various high and low buildings such as: bank,office building,hospital, school,hotel, shopping mall,amusement hall,portable dwellings,old house reconstruction,family house and warehouse.


Material Description 
 Face: Calcium Silicate Board
 Core materials:Fiber Cement+EPS Polystyrene Foam+Sand


Eps, cement, Sand, Fly ash
Face panel
Double 5mm fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, solid
Lightweight 45KG, just one sixth of the brick building
Fire-resistant limit
4hours under 1000 degrees Celsius
Interior/exterior wall, roofing, ceiling, flooring
Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Residences,Warehouse,Villa,Booth,etc
Service Life
50- 70 years



1. Floor System
Itcan be innovatively used as floor board.Besides the basic characteristics like sound insulation,waterproof,dampproof,this system
has the outstanding advantages such as hight load-bearing capacity, antistatic electricity, friction resistance, high strength,
convenient for wire groove and water pipe inbuilt, corrosion resistance,no deformation,no split,etc.,which is much suitable for
the fields including the floor plate of additional top floor, factory,workshop,warehouse,etc.

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2. Villa&Exterior Wall System
Itcan automatically adjust indoor air and water content with the season and climate changes, which can keep the temperature at an
invariable temperature level ,and such ecology effect just goes with the tide of modern residential building. It is widely applied
to various modular house ,low buildings, apartment, villas,and city house.

Xiamen-Zhongjingtai-Building-Materials-Co-Ltd- - 2020-10-14T173237.643

3. Interior Partition System
With excellent fireproof, best hanging force, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof,
easy Installation and the like characteristics, light weight compound sandwich board have been widely applying to the special
positions like partition panel of high-rise and mega-high-rise buildings.

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4.Roof System
This system not only solves the problem of roof leakage,but also has the advantages such as heat insulation, neat joint surface,
high temperature resistance, etc.The features of light weight and hight strength reduce the use of roof beamcolumn,reduce the
consumption of materials,improve security;its easy construction time,which bring out its hight integrated performance-price ratio.



1. lightweight economic:The volume-weight only 750-800kg/m3 , the weight of 75mm thickness ZJT board is 60kg/m2, equal to 1/6 of brick weight, 1/7 of 120mm thickness masonry. 

2. increase valid space:the thickness of EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel decreases 85mm by using 75mm thickness ZJT boards. Thus, valid space increases 1/m2 per 11.8mm. in other words, it can increase 6/m2  per 100/m2

3. Moisture-proof waterproof:EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel will keep dry and leave no stains. During humid days, the boards will not condense water either.  suitable to be installed in such wet areas as kitchens, bath rooms, basements because of its moisture-proof and waterproof. 

4. Fireproof:Fireproof limit of EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel is more than 4 hours and does not emit toxic gases under 1000 degree. The nonflammable performance reaches national A-class standard. 


Packing → Free packing, normal pallet + packing belt
              →  Standard exporting packing, good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film
              →  Loading: Normally 18 pallets per 20' container or according to clients' requirements


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