Insulated Nonmetal Internal Sandwich Wall Panel

Insulated Nonmetal Internal Sandwich Wall Panel

1.Sound insulation 2.Shock resistance 3.High Bending strength 4.Durability; 5.Light Weight EPS 6.Incombustibility;
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Insulated Nonmetal Internal Sandwich Wall Panel

Introduction of  of Internal Sandwich Wall Panel

Composite Board Which are low density, light weight, its can be custom made according to customer requirements of different height dimensions of the space, splicing of sandwich panels, installed directly; Using 5mm calcium silicate board with composite cement foam repression. Lightweight composite board with features of moisture-proof, fire resistance, environmental protection and energy saving, insulated, lightweight solid, noise insulation, etc. It's suitable for for non-load-bearing wall of interior and exterior, commercial and residential, office buildings.

1.Green & Low Carbon & Pro-environment.Our products main materials are included calcium silicate board, portland cement, sand, water and additives.Production Process is ingredients, mixed stirring, curing, steam pressure.100%Non-asbesto Calcium Silicate Board.
2.Composite board is belonging to the interior decoration commonly non-load-bearing wall; It can be instead of the traditional build walls and load-bearing 50KG.
3. Composite board is Lighter than traditional build walls. The density is only 750-800kg/m3; Its suit for the transportation, storage, as well as construction and installation.
4. Long lifespan. Using composite boards are can be improve building moisture resistant against wet weather.
5.Excellent fireproof. Composite Board which is passed building material incombustible testing, grading A1 level of the national standard; Simultaneously issued by SGS and TUV.
6.Composite Board is Expanding the effective using area of the wall, 
The traditional building of the effective using area is 75% and the effective using area of lightweight composite board is 90%. Composite board's construction is fast, simple and convenient. .It's effectively to shorten the construction time and cost savings
7. Composite board in addition to suit for commercial, residential and office partition, It's also applied to indoor pool's wall panel , KTV room partitioin which are.highly demanding for waterproof, sound insulation, moistureproof etc.
8.Products' quality is the same as the world famous brand and good cost performance with high-grade and non-distortion.

Advantages of Internal Sandwich Wall Panel

1.Energy conservative and environmental safe
2.Optimal feature against shock and impact
3.Light weight
4.Increase usable area 
5.Fire proof 
6.Water-proof and humidity-proof
7.Sound insulation 
8.Spiking and stick-ability
9.Easy to install increase productivity
10.Reduce transport costs better working environment

Features of Internal Sandwich Wall Panel

1)No-posititon,harmless,with double side of composite aluminum foil, it can be used for cleaning air conditioner.
2)Convenient to stall,short construction cycle,little spot modification.
3)Widely used in dusty,folk building ,tavern,hospital,office building and other places with special requests.

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