Fireproof Foam Concrete Wall Panels

Fireproof Foam Concrete Wall Panels

Fireproof Foam Concrete Wall Panels Are you still working in dirty and wet construction site, moving many heavy machines to the site? Are you still waiting for more than half a year before you can move inside to your new house? Are you still paying high salary to the workers and still unhappy...
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Fireproof Foam Concrete Wall Panels 

Are you still working in dirty and wet construction site, moving many heavy machines to the site? Are you still waiting for more than half a year before you can move inside to your new house? Are you still paying high salary to the workers and still unhappy about the final work? Are you still...?

You are so lucky to be here and get to know the best substitute to traditional concrete wall, it is called eps cement sandwich panel. Comparison with other wall materials, this one is more stronger and longer life span with many advantages and wide usages.

Introduce of Concrete Wall Panels

 EPS (Expanded polystyrene board) wall Panel is composed of exterior panels and interior core filling, to form a non-load-bearing light-weight composite wall panel. The exterior panels on both sides are 5mm calcium silicate board, and the middle core is filled with polystyrene beads & cement or ceramsite, polystyrene beads & cement. 
insulated concrete panels

Advantages of Concrete Wall Panels

1.Low density

2.Light weight

3.Water prevented

4.Sound proof

5.Fire retardant

6.Easy installation

7.Short construction period

8.Customized size

9.Low labour cost

10.100% asbestos free  and other hazardous substances.

Feature of Concrete Wall Panels
Heat Preservation:
 Major material is antifreezing,heat preserving and environmental friendly.
Heat Insulation:
 Adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range. 
 5mm calcium silicateboard is fireproof, Eps & Cement sandwich panel can be against a high temperature for 4 hours. 
WaterProof: Experiment has proved that water pool can be made by
 Eps and Cement sandwich panel without absorbing any water and no leakage at all after one year.  
Sound Insulation: The inside of wall panel material (EPS polystyrene grain) has fine sound insulation and sound absorbing function.  
Easy to Install: Using our installation material (PU foam and Cement Adhesive) is easy to build house.
Labor Cost Saving:
 As wall panel is easy and fast to construct,the labors can be cut down in the same work & time.

High Intension: Eps & Cement sandwich wall panel can be nailed directly or hang heavies, it can be decorated by ceramic tile,wall paper and any decorations you like. 
Earthquake Resistance: The quakeproof performance ofEps & Cement sandwich wall panel is more than 8.5.  
Space and cost Saving: 60to150mm,which is more thinner than the traditional block, so it can save a lot of construction space,meanwhile, the constructure cost can also be saved instead of using the thick traditional blocks. 

Specification of Concrete Wall Panels

1). Surface: Fiber reforced calciumsilicon or cement calcium board


2). Core: Cement, EPS, sand, fly ash

1). Length: 1200-3000mm, also could be customer's request


2). Thickness: 60/75/90/120/150/180mm

3). Width: 610mm


Regular is white, other colors are all available.


Floor, Roofing, wall,Villa,prefab, building Etc


lightweight, insulation, fireproof, waterproof, fast installation, and environmental etc

Delivery time 

20 days after order confirmed


Put a layler of foam cloth between each panel, use hard paper to protect angles, use roll whole pallet with thin film, OEM is welcome.

Easy and Fast installation, zero plaster
Easy install interior partition wall

Sizes of Concrete Wall Panels








Solid core



Interior wall

100% non-asbestos



interior/Exterior wall




interior/exterior wall




exterior wall/Floor

High strength



exterior wall

Application of Concrete Wall Panels
1. Floor System
Itcan be innovatively used as floor board.Besides the basic characteristics like sound insulation,waterproof,dampproof,this system has the outstanding advantages such as hight load-bearing capacity, antistatic electricity, friction  resistance, high strength, convenient for wire groove and water pipe inbuilt, corrosion resistance,no deformation,no split,etc.,which is much suitable for the fields including the floor plate of additional top floor, factory,workshop,warehouse,etc.
2. Villa&Exterior Wall System
Itcan automatically adjust indoor air and water content with the season and climate changes, which can keep the temperature at an invariable temperature level ,and such ecology effect just goes with the tide of modern residential building. It is widely applied to various modular house ,low buildings, apartment, villas,and city house
3. Interior Partition System
With excellent fireproof, best hanging force, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, 
easy Installation and the like characteristics, light weight compound sandwich board have been widely applying to the special positions like partition panel of high-rise and mega-high-rise buildings.
4.Roof System
This system not only solves the problem of roof leakage,but also has the advantages such as heat insulation, neat joint surface, high temperature resistance, etc.The features of light weight and hight strength reduce the use of roof beamcolumn,reduce the consumption of materials,improve security;its easy construction time,which bring out its hight integrated performance-price ratio.
interior wall paneling

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1. Is EPS cement sandwich panel lightweight?
Yes, it is. Capacity six hundred and fifty to eight hundred KG per cubic meter, it is one sixth of brick wall , even is one half of aerated concrete block 
2. Is EPS cement panel fireproof?
Yes, it is. It control fire slipping out of the origin unit, prevent fire spreading, prevent toxic gas generating or insolating Through fire high temperature test for four hours, panels only have skin injury 
3. Is EPS cement panel thermal insulation?
Yes, it is. EPS cement panel's composite material determines that it has excellent heat insulation and thermal insulation functions 
4. Is EPS cement panel soundproof?
Yes, it is. EPS cement panel's surface is fiber cement board, interior composite material and the concave-convex grooves between two panels make it has excellent sound absorption and soundproof function. 100mm thickness isolate sound beyond 45db, it's much higher than blockwork
5. Is EPS cement panel strength strong?
Yes, it is. Anti-impact performance is 1.5 times of the blockwork, With steel structure fixed, can make high levels, big span wall, overall anti-seismic performance is 10 times of normal blockwork
6. After installation can it be paint without putty?
Yes, it can. You can paint directly without putty, and also can decorate without plastering.


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American Market : Brazil, Panama, Chile, Columbia, Uruguay, Ecuador

Pacific Ocean market: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

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