Fast Construction EPS Cement Wall Board For Prefabricated House

Product Description ♦Face panel: 5mm cement board Clik here for cement board ♦Core:Cement(concrete) and EPS ♦Solid heart ♦Width:610mm,or as your request ♦Length:2270mm/2440mm,as required ♦Thickness:60mm,75mm,90mm,100mm,120mm,150mm Sandwich ZJT ZJT Panel is a kind of light weight energy saving...
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Product Details

Product Description

♦Face panel: 5mm cement board  Clik here for cement board

♦Core:Cement(concrete) and EPS 

♦Solid heart

♦Width:610mm,or as your request

♦Length:2270mm/2440mm,as required

微信图片_20200303114146Sandwich ZJT ZJT Panel is a kind of light weight energy saving wall material taking calcium silicate board(fiber cement board) as face panel, cement, EPS, sand as core and forming by one time compound. It can widely be applied to wall materials of various high and low buildings such as: bank, office building, hospital, school, hotel, shopping mall, amusement hall, old house reconstruction, residence and workshop.

It can be used  as interior and exterior partition on steel or concrete structure building ,for new construction, additions or renovations

Advantages :


• U-Value 0.2 - 0.5

• Minimal wastage (Scrap 90% Less than Block)

Time Saving

• Up to 6 to 8 time faster installation and finishing than competition

• No Additional Time for Lintel work |Lintel is panel itself| easy and fast (Door Opening and window opening)

Cost Saving

• Fewer labor hours Transport efficiency

• No plaster or no wet work required (2 coat of Stucco or direct installation of tile, marble, cladding or

3D wall board)

• Hollow core panels no vertical cutting plumbing & electrical inside hollow cores – Solid

panel easy chasing and repair with cement & sand mortar.

• Significantly reduced foundation depth. 4 to 6 times lighter than block work, it makes perfect

to high rise buildings. 10,000sqm reduce 25,000tons


• High quality components from reputable brands

• No ripples / Flat and straight / Full height constructability

• High STC rating

• Good thermal conductivity | Energy saving inside the building during in Summer and


• Providing more carpet area to the user. As 100mm wall panel provides the same

impact strength of the 200mm block work, which saves space.

Why are  KM concrete wall panels better than Brick walls  

• Quick to install

• No need for skilled labor

• No plaster just wall putty

• Electrical installations easy

• Cheap raw material

• Light to handle

• Even surface for direct painting without putty

• Rather large-sized elements


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