Factory Price Wall Eps Sandwich Panel

Factory Price Wall Eps Sandwich Panel

1.Increase the strength of the building specially.
2.Steel frame used as main structure in the construction of various houses.
3.All kinds of finish available.
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Factory Price Wall Eps Sandwich Panel 

Basic information of Eps Sandwich Panel

Wall sandwich panels with EPS core are intended for applications in various kinds of buildings: industrial, commercial and housing. During production, an EPS-cement mix cored sandwich panel is formed out by external and internal calcium silicate facings, which are profiled into a desired shape. These facings are fireproof, flat and prefinished.

EPS blocks are joined on length, having modular width already prepared. A main advantage of the EPS-cored panels is a fast install, lightweight, affordable price.

Benefits of Eps Sandwich Panel 

1. Help save cost. Because Eps Sandwich Panel can reduce the cost from construction labor, and increase the living space to make your room biger in the same area of structure.

2. Help reduce the temperature, make the house cool. Heat-resistant properties of foam and cement can reduce heat both inside and outside the house up to 30 percent.

3. Eps Sandwich Panel is the cheapest and best thermal insulation compared to other insulation materials.

4. Good sound insulation. Eps Sandwich Panel can reduce the noise by up to 70 percent

5. Eps Sandwich Panel is a material that is durable, comparable to block. Eps Sandwich Panel can tolerate both acid, alkali, heat, fire.

6. Convenient to use due to its light weight and easy installation.

7. No volatile substances. Safe for people with allergies.

8. Eps Sandwich Panel can easily cut the parts that need to be dismantled or redesigned. 

9. No pollution, helps reduce global warming and is environmentally friendly.

There are many benefits of this, both convenient, economical, durable and safe, and can be applied to create a variety of things.

Why Eps Sandwich Panel save cost

Eps Sandwich Panel in 10 cm thick, with an average weight of 63-68 kg / m2, which is lighter than other wall materials.

Making it possible to reduce the weight of the wall by about 50%, and when compared to other wall works, it can save costs by 20%

By comparing the materials from the time workers, the quality of the Eps Sandwich Panel has many thicknesses, such as 60/75/90/100/120/150mm. According to the standard of construction

Light weight, can store 42 dB sound and can withstand fire for up to 3 hours. Eps Sandwich Panel can also accept single weight points to 50 kg

Eps Sandwich Panel also help with ease, reduce time, reduce costs, light weight, do not need to be plastered. 

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