EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panels

ZJT EPS (Expanded polystyrene board) wall Panel is composed of exterior panels and interior core filling, to form a non-load-bearing light-weight composite wall panel. The exterior panels on both sides are 5mm calcium silicate board, and the middle core is filled with polystyrene beads & cement or ceramsite, polystyrene beads & cement.
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Product raw materials

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Product advantages

Are you still hesitant about what kind of wall material you want to choose? Then please choose our Zhongjingtai light energy saving composite wall material.


Zhongjingtai lightweight energy-saving composite wall not only has the advantages of fire prevention, sound insulation and noise reduction, slotting wiring, light weight, earthquake resistance, high stability and so on,It has the but also compression, strong impact resistance, in transportation, handling, cutting, advantages that other wall materials do not have in the construction.

According to the construction data of several groups of construction sites, the construction amount of 12 masonry bricks per day is 8 hours a day. If the construction of Zhongjingtai wall material is used, 3 people can complete it in 60 minutes, and the efficiency advantage is very significant.



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