EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel

EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel

1.Slotted and buried pipe
3.No need plastering
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EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel


EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel is a kind of lightweight Energy-saving wall material taking reinforced calcium silicate Board as face panel,cement,eps,fly ash as core forming by one time compound.

EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel has solid, lightweight, thin, better strength, impact resistance, strong hanging strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, fireproof, waterproof, easy cutting, increasing available space. It can be arbitrary slotting, dry operation, environment protection. Which achieve energy conservation and energy efficiency. At the same time,this reduces the total area to be occupied by the wall and to raise residential practical area, alleviates the structure load, improves the building aseismatic capacity and safety performance, and reduce total cost. This production technology and application is the reform of our country wall material, is a new breakthrough.

The company relying on advanced equipment, first-class technology, excellent quality, strong, productivity, favorable customer service system, has set up the good brand image in the market, and been widely recognized by the same.


Fire resistanc

More than 3 hours

Moisture Rate

Less than 10%

Resistance to impact

50 kg / cm

Sound absorption

More than 40 decibels


25-35 sqm / person / day

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  1. Strong hanging force, can be slotted, wiring and buried pipe

    EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel is made of the high strength, hardness polymerice material stir forming, through multi-channel processing the national procedure, so the hardness and strength meet the national energy saving building materials standards. Through hanging test, the single point handing force of wall panel can be up to 50kg and above level, and fully meet the wall of the general bearing applications, such as the heater, fixed, marble mesa skeleton support and so on. In building wall applications, common wire and cable need through the grooving buried in walll, and routers, switches, sockets, power controller need excavate hole in the wall. It can meet the above all demand and can easily slot hole on wall panel, also can reduce dust and increase the operation environment quality.

  2. Easy construct, transport and time saving

    EPS Cement Interior Sandwich Wall Panel has many advantages such as lightweight, compressive strength, strong impact resistance compare to other material. It uses assemble design, the skill of the operation personnel is required extremely low and master coolie all can do. Compared to traditional clay brick construction, the efficiency can be promoted about 10 times, without plaster processing, greatly save the time for project. According to many ground constuction sites data, brick masonry construction capacity of 12 individuals for eight hours a day, if using it in construction, three people could complete in 60 minutes, so efficiency advantages is very significant.

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