Cost Saving Fiber Cement EPS Sandwich Panel Foam Building Blocks For Houses

ZJT light wall board is light in texture and easy to install. Environmental protection is beautiful, heat insulation and sound insulation. It can increase the use area of the room. It is an environmental protection material and has the support of the state. Light partition can be cut at will, which brings great convenience and flexibility to the construction. And the variety of light partition board, strong selectivity, but also improve the grade of decoration, looks both beautiful and generous.
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Cost Saving Fiber Cement EPS Sandwich Panel Foam Building Blocks for Houses


Raw material of Composite solid core


The surface layer of the wall board is calcium silicate board, and the intermediate core materials are cement, fly ash, polystyrene particles, fine sand, rubber powder, chemical additives and so on.


              Advantage of calcium silicate board 


                Excellent fire protection performance

Calcium silicate plate is non-flammable A1 grade material, in case of fire, the plate will not burn, nor will it produce toxic smoke.


              Excellent waterproof performance


The calcium silicate board has excellent water-proof property, and can keep the performance stable without expansion or deformation in the bathroom, the bathroom and other high-humidity places.

High strength

The strength of calcium silicate board is high, and the strength of 6mm thick plate is much higher than that of ordinary paper gypsum board with 9.5mm thickness. Calcium silicate board wall is solid and reliable, not easy to damage and break.

Dimensional stability

Calcium silicate plate adopts advanced formula and is produced under strict quality control. The wet rise and dry shrinkage of the plate are controlled in the ideal range.


Heat insulation and sound insulation

Calcium silicate board has good thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation performance of 10mm thick partition wall is obviously better than that of ordinary brick wall, and it has good sound insulation effect at the same time.


Long service life

The performance of calcium silicate board is stable, acid-alkali resistant, not corrosive, and not damaged by moisture or insect ant, which can ensure a long service life. 


Advantage of Composite solid core





Application of Composite solid core


01/ Floor & Roof applications 




02/ Interior & Exterior application





03/  Factory, Workshop, Warehouse, etc.


Specification of  Composite solid core





Certificate of  Composite solid core



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