Anti-earthquake Lightweight Eps Concrete Cement Sandwich Wall

Anti-earthquake Lightweight Eps Concrete Cement Sandwich Wall

The wall panels of eps concrete sandwich have many advantages compared with traditional wall panels, including lightweight, solid core, thin body, high strength, shock resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, fireproofing, waterproofing and easy installation. This notonly conforms to modern construction requirement but also meets the country environmental-friendly building policy.
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Anti-earthquake Lightweight Eps Concrete Cement Sandwich Wall

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ZTY's new eps sandwich cement panel let you not need to worry about the expensive labor costs

No need to worry about the long duration

No need to build a house in a damp and dirty environment

No need to worry about fire and water resistance

No need to be angry with neighbor noise or outside noise


ZJT Lightweight Composite Energy-saving Sandwich Wall Panel. Is composed of face panel and interior filing. The material of face panel is thin fiber. cement board or calcium silicate board, and. the middle is filled with lightweight composite core materials, including cement, EPS and fly ash, The quality and. technology of product have reached to a new level and became the leading brand among the similar products.

interior wall panel (2).jpg


1. Floor

2. Roof

3. Exterior wall

exterior wall panel1.jpg

4. Interior wall

interior wall panel (3).jpg

5. High building

building of uising panel 1.jpg

6. Pipe / fire well / equipment partition

Ten advantages
1. Environmental protection
Zhongjingtai lightweight energy-saving and environmental protection multi-functional new wallboard is produced using soilless raw materials, and the raw materials used are in compliance with environmental protection standards, which can effectively achieve various functions such as sound-absorbing and sound-proofing, fire-proof and heat-insulating, waterproof and moisture-proof, green and environmental protection, energy-saving and heat preservation. It can maintain the indoor temperature at a constant level, achieve the long-lasting effect of true green ecological energy saving, and not emit any toxic gas, fully comply with international green energy conservation and environmental protection standards.
2, heat insulation, insulation
The composition of zhongjingtai composite wallboard is made up of pure natural vermiculite, high-purity quartz powder, inorganic fiber and plant fiber through high temperature and high pressure steam, which determines that he has good heat insulation function and makes your indoor environment. More comfortable.zhongjingtai composite wallboard has the ability to automatically adjust the moisture content of indoor air with seasonal climate change, so that the humidity can maintain a balanced level and achieve ecological adjustment effect, in line with the development trend of modern residential buildings.
3, increase the use of area
zhongjingtai lightweight energy-saving wallboards generally use 90mm composite wallboards to be 30mm less than the thickness of 120mm brick walls, which means that the use of zhongjingtai energy-saving lightweight wallboard can increase the indoor space by 4.84 square meters per 100 square meters. usage area.
4, earthquake resistance, good integrity
zhongjinati lightweight energy-saving wallboard adopts assembly-type construction, three-in-one structure, the board and the board are connected as a whole, the impact resistance is 1.5 times that of the general masonry, and the overall seismic resistance is dozens of times higher than that of the ordinary masonry wall. It can meet the building requirements of seismic intensity 8 or above.
5, moisture, waterproof
zhongjingtai lightweight and energy-saving wallboard can be made into water in containers without plastering. The back of the wall is kept dry without any imprinting and no leakage. At the same time, in the wet weather, the wall will not appear condensation water droplets, showing a real waterproof and moisture-proof effect.
6, fire prevention
Zhongjingtai lightweight energy-saving wallboard is mainly made up of high-quality cement, high-tech EPS polystyrene foam particles and refined fly ash and other lightweight core materials. Its fire resistance limit at 1000 °C is 4 hours. The fireproof building materials quality supervision and inspection center tests that the fire performance meets the national A-pole standard and achieves the ideal fire and heat insulation effect. Generally, the masonry has no heat insulation function, and it conducts quickly when exposed to heat, which is not good for fire prevention.
7, sound insulation
Due to its high density and easy reflection, it has a strong sound insulation effect and is superior to general masonry. 39, 43, 46db sound insulation effect, in line with China's national sound insulation test standard GBJ121-88. The general sound insulation effect of masonry is 35-37DB.
8. Simple construction, civilized and short construction period
The use of Zhongjingtai lightweight energy-saving wallboard, convenient construction, civilized, short construction period, no sand, cement and other materials in the construction, the material stack is simple, efficient, small size, occupying less resources such as site equipment, no construction waste, after construction is completed No need to plaster. T9, can be slotted wiring, nailed and pasted
The composite wall panel can be arbitrarily slotted as needed, and the nails or the upper expansion bolts can be used to hang heavy objects, such as air conditioners. The single-point hanging force is above 45kg, and the panel surface of the wallboard is smooth and smooth, and no dust is generated. The tiles, wallpaper, wood trim and other materials can be directly pasted for finishing. Generally, masonry, especially solid masonry, can not be arbitrarily nailed, which brings trouble and difficulty to the rear decoration.
10. Lightweight and economical
zhogjiangtai  lightweight energy-saving wallboard is the lightest and thinnest high-tech new wall material among all solid wall materials. Compared with other wall materials, the weight ratio is 1:5 or more. At the same time, the standard thickness of zhongjingtai 90 lightweight energy-saving and environmental protection multi-functional wallboard is 90mm, which is equivalent to the traditional block (24cm) in terms of comprehensive performance and use effect. Greatly reduce the area occupied by the wall, effectively save space, greatly improve the practical area of the house, greatly reduce the structural load, comprehensively improve the seismic capacity and safety performance of the building, and reduce the overall construction cost.