Solid Sandwich Panel For Flooring

Solid Sandwich Panel For Flooring

1. With steel structure
2. With concrete structure
3. Steel beam required
4. One step for house
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Product Details

Solid Sandwich Panel for Flooring

Information of Sandwich panel

EPS cement sandwich panel, made from surface panel calcium silicate board, core material with cement, eps, sand, fly ash.

After complicated chemical reaction under high temperature, high pressure and steam curing. Has the characteristic of lightweight, excellent fire insulation, water proof, sound proof performance.

Since eps cement sandwich panel is a highly thermally insulating cement-based material, it can be used for both internal and external construction. Besides, eps cement sandwich panel have good insulation capability.

One of its advantage in construction is its quick and easy installation. Because the material can be routed, sanded, or cut to size on site using standard carbon steel power tools.


Solid Sandwich Panel for Flooring


100mm panel is 66kg/m2, 1/6 of traditional wall material.

Space saving

Save 4.26m2 per 100m2.


Suitable for toilet, humid weather.


A grade, more than 3 hours based on SGS test.

Sound insulation

35-48dB, soundproof, sound absorption.

Hanging force

Single point hanging force is more than 50kg while embed hanging force can exceed 150kg


Class 8, anti earthquake


Asbestos free

Service life

60-70 years life span

Advantages of Sandwich Panel

1.Simple construction, high efficiency

The wall material is completely dry work, fabricated construction. The materials can be arbitrary cut according to specification. During the construction of transportation concise, pile up, no need of mortal health file, greatly reduction the time duration, and the calibration material, reducing the low construction waste. Easily transported, clearly stack and no mortar batch file largely shorten the construction period. Besides, the construction waste can be reduced by the lowly loss rate.

2.Heat preservation

Wall materials mainly are made from environmental protection and energy saving heat insulation material. With a good heat insulation and preservation function, it can keep the indoor temperature at a stable range and make the environment much more comfortable.

3.Spiking and stickability

The wall material board can be nailed directly or install expansion bolt to hang heavy loads. The single point of hanging strength is above 45kg. The surface of the board can be covered by ceramic tile, wall paper, wood panel and other materials due to the smooth and ash-free features.

4.Lightweight and economy

The core material of wall board is filled with lightweight EPS. The volume-weight is about 600-800 kg/m3. Freely plastering and the weight is only 1/6 of the traditional wall.

Reusable and user-friendly

Installation Process of Sandwich Panel

1. Paying-off and Sandwich Wall Panels Arrived on Site

2. Sawing Panel According to Requirement

3. Sizing

4. Installation

5. Correction and Fixation

6. Grouting and Filling Thick Liquid

7. Slotting and Wiring

8. Sticking Anti-Crack Tape

9. Installing Door Frame

10. Decoration

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