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EPS sandwichs panel are structured insulated panels used as construction materials. Basically, they are three layered sandwich panels; a low density insulating core (cement) is sandwiched between relatively two hardened skin layers of structured board on each side of the core. Front board can be...
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EPS sandwichs panel are structured insulated panels used as construction materials. Basically, they are three layered sandwich panels; a low density insulating core (cement) is sandwiched between relatively two hardened skin layers of structured board on each side of the core. Front board can be either fiber cement board or calcium silicate board (thickness of front board mainly 5mm). These structural combinations are best fit for environments where low weight and high structural rigidity is desirable.

 Our sandwich panels are internationally accepted and meet the highest building codes and standards. 

• They offer higher energy savings because they have low thermal conductivity. 

• All structural resources of our EPS sandwich panels are weatherproof & maintenance free.

• The designs are pre-engineered to precision and offers simplified construction. 

• The construction is frameless, lightweight and offers ease of design. 

• With EPS sandwich panels; you get controlled quality and long lasting value. 

• These panels are shock absorbent, durable and versatile.



FIREPROOF: The non-inflammability of the board can be reached national A level standard. Under the high temperature of 1000 degrees, the fireproof feature can last four hours, do not radiate toxic gasses.

SOUND INSULATION: Good sound insulation, sound absorption, and noise reduction functions. For example, the amount of sound insulation is up to 40dB with the 90mm thickness of the wall panel which is 2 or 3 times than the traditional wall.

HEAT PRESERVATION: Wall materials mainly are made from environmental protection and energy saving heat insulation material. With a good heat insulation and preservation function, it can keep the indoor temperature at a stable range and make the environment much more comfortable.

WATERPROOF AND WET PROOF: The water container is made of a  material without any waterproof plaster with no leakage at all. The tests show that the material has good waterproof and damp proof. The material can be used in the wet area such as kitchen, toilet, and basement.

ANTI-PRESSURE, ANTI-QUAKE, AND ANTI-IMPACT: Because of fabricated construction, 3-in-1 structure and using tongue and groove to join panels, the anti-pressure, anti-quake and anti-impact all meet the national standard.

SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION, HIGH EFFICIENCY: The wall material is completely dry work, fabricated construction. The materials can be arbitrary cut according to specification. During the construction of transportation concise, pile up, no need for mortal health file, great reduction the time duration, and the calibration material, reducing the low construction waste. Easily transported, clearly stack and no mortar batch file largely shorten the construction period. Besides, the construction waste can be reduced by the lowly loss rate.

INCREASED USABLE AREA: The thickness of the panel is between 50mm-200mm. It largely saves the construction space compared with the traditional block.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND ECONOMY: The core material of wall panel is filled with lightweight EPS. The volume-weight is about 600-800 kg/m3. Freely plastering and the weight is only 1/6 of the traditional wall.

SPIKING AND STICK ABILITY: The wall material board can be nailed directly or install expansion bolt to hang heavy loads. The single point of hanging strength is above 45kg. The surface of the board can be covered by ceramic tile, wallpaper, wood panel and other materials due to the smooth and ash-free features.

REUSABLE AND USER-FRIENDLY: The wall panel can be reused in the movable interior wall such as supermarket, office, etc. The lightweight energy-saving wall panel can be reusable. Dismounting and installation are simple and improved usage rate and economy saving. Also, it has no construction waste and effects other people’s normal work.

ENERGY-SAVING, ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Green and environment-friendly,  non-harmful substance, no radiation, reusable, no construction waste, widely used in various places.


AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCT: No matter what quantity you require, we always have a large stock of  EPS CEMENT SANDWICH PANEL available at all times. Hence, making it easier and faster for you to procure the material.

QUALITY: One of our main policies is to provide the best of products to our customers. Hence, we have the best quality  EPS CEMENT SANDWICH PANEL available in the market.

ECONOMICAL OR LOW PRICE: JITEX  EPS CEMENT SANDWICH PANEL  are very economical and low cost when compared to other available products in the market.

GUARANTEE: Our boards are known to last for more than 20 years.

PRODUCT CUSTOMISATION: We also help in providing you the product in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Hence, catering to all your custom orders. Note: Minimum orders, setup charges and longer lead times may apply to the custom order

DESIGNING & INSTALLATION: Designing and Installation: Apart from being  EPS CEMENT SANDWICH PANEL suppliers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin and other parts of South India, With over 34 years in the False Ceiling market, we provide an end-to-end solution from the process of Designing to Estimation, Fabrication, Implementation, and Execution. With strict adherence to Quality Policies, we have carried out over 5000+ False Ceiling and Gypsum Partition projects throughout Bangalore, Karnataka and India we also provide services in terms of installing it. We have a highly specialized team of Acoustic and sound engineers who will carry out the entire process of Acoustic treatment and Soundproofing. It ranges from analyzing, designing, fabrication, implementation, & execution,  giving you an end to end service and solution to all you acoustic and soundproofing needs.

SAMPLES & EXHIBITS: We also have exhibits at our showroom which will help you understand the product in a better way. Apart from that, do let us know if you require samples of  EPS CEMENT SANDWICH PANEL or any other acoustic / Soundproofing or False ceiling products. We will provide you with all the necessary samples and product information.


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