Lightweigtht Partition Wall Panel Concrete Wall For Interior/Exterior Wall

Length:2270/2440mm Width:610mm Thickness:60/75/90/100/120/150mm Advantage:Lightweight/Fireproof/Waterproof/Environment friendly/Sound insulation
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Lightweigtht Partition Wall Panel Concrete Wall For Interior/Exterior Wall


1.About product


Product composition:

Face panel:5mm Calcium Silicate Boards

Interior Filling:EPS,Cement,Additives,Fly Ash



Product Features:

1.Environmental protection.

It is scientifically maintained through high-tech technology and has a high degree of mechanization. Unlike bricks, which are burnt at high temperatures, a large amount of exhaust fumes are burned. Therefore, the lightweight partition board is very environmentally friendly in terms of production, and has little impact on the environment and the atmosphere. And its raw materials are not harmful to the human body.


2.Fire prevention.

 The lightweight partition board is very resistant to high temperatures. It can be held for several hours under high temperature combustion without damage, and the combustion will not release harmful gases.


3. Sound insulation.

 Due to the addition of soundproofing materials during production, its sound insulation is very good and much stronger than ordinary bricks.


4. Light economy.

 Because it is mechanized, its finished product is relatively low. It is light in weight and easy to handle.


5, moisture-proof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

 Its water absorption is not as good as bricks, so don't worry that it will absorb the moisture in the air and make the air dry. It has a hard texture and very good anti-corrosion effect.


Product Specifications:

Lightweight EPS Cement Panel Length*Width(mm) Thickness optional(mm)
Regular Size: 2270*610mm 60/75/90/100/120/150mm
Thickness suggestion:(mm) Roof 60mm
Interior wall 75/90/100mm
Exterior wall and Floor 120/150mm





Product Applications:

Interior wall



Exterior wall



Roof and Floor


Widely used in School,Hotel,Hospital,KTV,Office Building,Warehouse,etc.


Product Advantages:

Nine advantages of interior walls


  1. The most energy-saving, environmentally friendly, lightweight


Because the large amount of polystyrene particles used in the wallboard has good thermal insulation performance, the heat loss rate is much lower than that of the brick wall masonry, which greatly improves the energy-saving effect of the building. All raw materials are free of harmful substances to the human body and are environmentally-friendly products recommended by the state. The capacity is only 650kg/m3, free of plastering, which is 1/6 of the weight of brick masonry.


2. The most economical area


Compared with the 120mm inner wall, the inner wall with a thickness of 75mm can increase the practical area of 1 square per 12 meters. The 100m2 house can be increased by 4.16m2.


3. The most waterproof and moisture proof


Due to the special properties of the solid mud panel, the moisture-proof and water-resistant function is particularly outstanding. Experiments have shown that the wall panel can be cemented into a pool body filled with water without any waterproof finish, and the back of the wall can be kept dry. Leave a mark and there will be no condensation on the wall in wet weather.


4. The highest fire level


1000 ° C high temperature 240 minutes burning test without damage, by the National Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center inspection, fire performance to meet the national A-level standards, to ensure absolute fire.


5. Most soundproofing


42dB sound insulation effect, in line with China's national sound insulation test standard GBJ121-88; due to the high density of materials, easy to reflect, it has a strong sound insulation effect, better than the general masonry. Generally, the sound insulation effect of the masonry is 35dB.


6. The best hanging force


The wall panel can be glued to the building lime sand, cement, pulp, etc., and the wall decoration paste bricks need no special treatment; the bolts can be hung, drilled and anchored in any part, and the single point hanging force is above 50 kg. It provides great convenience for the later renovation work.


7. Best seismic and impact resistance


Because it is a prefabricated wall, the plate itself is a three-in-one structure, and the plate and the plate are integrally connected. The impact resistance and bending resistance are incomparable for the masonry wall.


8. The largest span and height of the thin abdominal wall


Due to its high strength and good overall performance, it can be used as a wall between the height and the span. As long as the steel structure is simply used, the steel is buried in the wall and the wall with large span and height is not required to be added. The surface of the cylinder has an impact resistance of 1.5 times that of a general masonry and a maximum single-layer construction height of 16.8 m.


9. The most civilized, hygienic and highly ergonomic construction


Simple construction, safe storage, dry operation, no residual mud, low loss, less waste, convenient construction, no need for bricklaying, shortening the construction period, not only urgent use, quick slotting, convenient installation of water and electricity pipelines, construction efficiency is general 8-10 times the body, it is a reusable high quality wall.


Eight unparalleled advantages of the exterior wall


1. Energy saving, heat preservation and good heat insulation


Since the ZJT  core of the branch is made of polystyrene granular concrete, its thermal insulation performance is good, and it has obvious efficiency in reducing energy consumption of buildings, which is difficult to solve by other materials.


2. Light economy


Due to the light weight of the exterior wall panel, the capacity is 800-900kg/m3, which reduces the transportation volume and reduces the structural load.


3. Save practical space


Because the thickness of the ZJT wall panel of the faculty is 120mm and 150mm (no plastering), it can increase the practical area of 1 square meter than the outer wall of the masonry 220mm, 240mm every 10 meters, and it can be installed at a 63° angle.


4. High strength


Due to the addition of a layer of galvanized steel wire mesh and high-grade lightweight aggregate concrete on both the inner and outer sides of the wallboard. The anti-theft performance, impact resistance and seismic performance of wall panels are far better than any masonry wall.


5. High construction efficiency and construction civilization


For assembly construction, the high construction efficiency is several times that of the masonry. The construction process is civilized.


6. Moisture proof and waterproof


As the waterproofing of the outer wall is an important factor, the wall panel has good anti-seepage and moisture-proof performance, and its wall has unique waterproof performance. This is also difficult to solve with other walls.


7. Hanging performance is good


Hanging heavy objects on theZJT wall of the branch (up to 50kg in a single point). This is also a problem that cannot be solved by other masonry lightweight walls. It is easy to hang air conditioners, billboards and marbles on the external walls.


8. Durability is good


Since the wall panels are made of cement, polystyrene pellets, sand and double-sided steel mesh, which are composed of various materials with good stability, they have high strength, are not easily deformed, and have good durability.




Product Certificate:



Product Packing & Shipping:


ZJT Sandwich Panel Packing

1). Free packing, normal pallet + packing belt

2). Standard exporting packing, good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film

3). Loading: Normally 18 pallets per 20' container or according to clients' requirements



2.About us


Our Company:

Xiamen ZhongJingtai building materials Co., Ltd, is a professional high-tech research and development company producing new wall materials, machinery and equipment development, technology production and promotion of product applications. The company is situated in the charming Xiamen city, with the convenience of water and land transportation and only ten minutes from the airport. We respond positively to the national policy on wall reforming. We have developed successfully wall panels that meet the energy saving needs of modern architecture. 



Our clients & exhibitions:

Our main export markets include below countries

Asian market: Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Vietnam

Mid-Eastern Market: Qatar, Dubai, Behrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia

American Market : Brazil, Panama, Chile, Columbia, Uruguay, Ecuador

Pacific Ocean market: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji



Sound-Insulation Panel


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