ZJT Fiber Cement Sandwich Decorative Ceiling Wall Panels

The lightweight composite wallboard produced by us has the characteristics of light weight, thin body, large surface, flat, solid core, heat insulation, sound insulation and waterproofing, noise reduction, fast installation and so on. This product is the most ideal fire-proof inner partition wall at home and abroad, the fire resistance limit is more than three hours, after the relevant quality inspection part sampling inspection, it is completely in line with the national building materials industry standards.
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Product Details

ZJT fiber cement sandwich decorative ceiling wall panels

Introduct of wall panel 

The light composite sandwich wall plate is made by using high-strength cement as a cementing material as a surface layer, and is made of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and non-woven fabric, And a unique thermal insulation light wall board is constructed.


Features of panel

1. Light weight.

1/4 of the red brick and 1/5 of the concrete, thus not only effectively reducing the self-weight of the building, but also reducing the economic input of the foundation and facilitating the construction and transportation. Can be carried and installed manually, does not affect the synchronous construction, the material transportation volume is small, the load of the building is reduced, and the construction cost is reduced.

2, sound insulation.

 The lightweight partition material can be soundproof 40 × 50 decibels to ensure that the products can be used in office, commercial, entertainment, residential and other buildings.


The light partition board can be filled with cement to form a pool body without making any waterproof decoration. The back of the light partition panel can persist in dryness, leave no trace, and will not show condensed water droplets in a humid climate. Light partition panel is a professional waterproof board, with good waterproof, moisture-proof performance, can be applied to kitchen, cleaning room, basement and other wet areas.

4, the seismic effect is good. 

The elastic modulus is low, the impact energy absorption is fast, and the seismic grade can reach grade 8.

5, heat preservation and heat insulation.

The thermal conductivity of light partition material is 0.12W / m. K, which can greatly reduce the frequency of cold and warm air conditioning. 9 cm thick wall board can match the 24cm brick wall, and the wall board can meet the requirements of national standard without attaching heat insulation material, and provide a comfortable living environment for people.

6, easy to construct. 

The lightweight partition material can be drilled, sawed, nailed, and the size can be adjusted freely, so the installation of water and electricity pipes and buried lines are more convenient than all wallboards.







It can be used as both interior and exterior partition walls or all kinds of decoration and building construction, and also the best materials for plants, apartments, hotels, office buildings and public constructions, etc. 

In addition, they are used for compartments, households, bathrooms, the interior partition walls of kitchens.




Install process

In todat's market, time plays a major role and may be a deal breaker for construction companies and the developers. A lot of project failed to sustain the expected return of investments due to failure in finishing the project on time. However, our product, compared to the traditional block work building system, can be delivered to the site, installed and painted 5 times faster.

On a big project scale, 40%-60% of time spent on assembing, fixing, plastering and painting the blocks will be reduced. In other words, When use our ZJT panel it will not exist which take us directy to the second advantage which is cost saving.

Light weight composite sandwich wall panels installation process:

1.Put wire,transport board in place,popup or down the wall plate and gauge double in the respective axis mount.

2.Any use of drilling to cut according to wall plate specifications.

3.Put cement binder and wall board in foundation.

4.Put cement binder,two pieces of the tenon on one side cement to wipe polymer mortar on any tongue and sides.

5.Installation,firstly prepare for the installation of plate moved into connection location,wall correction with a crowbar,use force tightly,to let polymer mortar extrusion from the joints in high spirits.

6.Adjustment,use wood wedge to bit into the bottom of the wall plate so that it adjust vertical formation

7.Correction,fix,use more than 2m or 2m guiding rule to check vertical,flat correction.

8.Grout,fill the pulp,use polymer mortar to infill and flatness after correcting the wall body,use polymer mortar to fill the gap size up or down.

9.Fixed,upper part of wall panels with Φ6mm or Φ8mm steel reinforce in the middle of walls by 45 degrees to bit into,the bottom with “7shaped”ribbed steel,one head is bitten into concrete base,the other head is bitten into the wall plate

Simple installation process:

1.Put wire   2.Cutting   3.Put cement binder   4.Put cement binder  

5.Adjustment   6.Installation   7.Correction   8.Fill the pulp   9.Fixed


1. Is EPS cement sandwich panel lightweight? 

Yes, it is. Capacity six hundred and fifty to eight hundred KG per cubic meter, it is one sixth of brick wall, even is one half of aerated concrete block. 

2. Is EPS cement panel fireproof? 

Yes, it is. It control fire slipping out of the origin unit, prevent fire spreading, prevent toxic gas generating or insolating Through fire high temperature test for four hours, panels only have skin injury

3. Is EPS cement panel thermal insulation? 

Yes, it is. EPS cement panel's composite material determines that it has excellent heat insulation and thermal insulation functions

4. Is EPS cement panel soundproof? 

Yes, it is. EPS cement panel's surface is fiber cement board, interior composite material and the concave-convex grooves between two panels make it has excellent sound absorption and soundproof function. 100mm thickness isolate sound beyond 45dB, it's much higher than blockwork

5. Is EPS cement panel strength strong? 

Yes, it is. Anti-impact performance is 1.5 times of the blockwork, With steel structure fixed, can make high levels, big span wall, overall anti-seismic performance is 10 times of normal blockwork

6. After installation can it be paint without putty? 

Yes, it can. You can paint directly without putty, and also can decorate without plastering

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