Lightweight Expandable EPS Sandwich Panel

Lightweight Expandable EPS Sandwich Panel

(1)Use life:>70 years
(2)Sound insulation:>40dB
(3)Compressive strength:≥3.5 Mpa
(4)Hanging force:≥1000 N
(5)Sample available:Yes
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Lightweight Expandable EPS Sandwich Panel for Interior Wall

Information of EPS Sandwich Panel




EPS sandwich panel


5mm Calcium silicate board (face board) + EPS/Cement/Sand(core material) + 5mm Calcium silicate board (face board)


lightweight, insulation, fireproof, waterproof, fast installation, and environmental etc


Floor, Roofing, Wall, Villa, Prefabricate house, Building, School, Hotel...



Width :610mm


Packaging & Shipping

Packed with plastic film, protected by belt and place in pallet


Free sample, shipping charge by customers.


SGS, TUV, Fire insulation certificate, Sound transmission loss certificate...

Advantages of  EPS Sandwich Panel

12 advantages of lightweight cement composite wallboard

1. Class A fireproof material;

1000 ℃ high temperature 120 minutes burning test without damage, by the National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center inspection, fire performance to A1 level, fire resistance limit of more than 3 hours.

2. Environmentally friendly materials;

There is no pollution in the production process, all materials of wallboard do not contain harmful substances and radioactive substances, and comply with the National Standard for Radiation Hygiene Protection of Building Materials, which is a green environmental protection product.

3. moisture and water resistance;

The special properties of calcium silicate fireproof board, so the moisture and water resistance function is particularly prominent. Experiments have shown that the wall panels can be cemented into the pool without any waterproof finish, and the back of the wall can be kept dry without leaving any marks. In the wet weather, the walls will not show condensation water. .

4. Any interval;

The weight of the lightweight composite wallboard is 1/6 of that of a general 120mm thick masonry, so the weight of the structural wall can be reduced, the weight of the beam and column foundation can be reduced, and the indoor space can be arbitrarily spaced. If the height of the house is more than 3.5 meters, the thickness of the masonry wall must be increased to 200mm, and 600 tons per 1000m2 can be reduced.

5. Sound insulation effect is good;

42dB sound insulation effect, in line with the national sound insulation test standard; due to the high density of the material, easy to reflect, it has a strong sound insulation effect, better than the general masonry.

6. High seismic resistance;

Because it is a prefabricated wall, the wall plate itself has a concave-convex shape structure on both sides, and the plate and the plate are spliced into one body, and the performances such as impact resistance and bending resistance are incomparable for the masonry wall.

7. Increase the practical area;

The thickness is 75mm, which is 85mm thinner than the traditional 120mm wall plastering. Each 12m extension wall can increase the practical area by 1 square meter. The overall room area increase rate is 4-6%, and the added value of the real estate is increased. Higher than the cost of wallboard.

8. The overall strength is high;

Because of its high strength and good overall performance, it can be used as a wall spacing with high layer spacing and large span. As long as the steel structure is simply anchored, the steel is buried in the wall, and the wall with large span and high interval does not need to be increased. The cylinder of the wall has 1.5 times the impact resistance of the general masonry.

9. High efficiency and short construction period;

Because the installation is convenient, bricklaying is not required, so the construction period can be shortened, that is, ready to use; the slotting is quick, the water and electricity pipeline is convenient to install, and the construction efficiency is several times that of the general masonry.

10. The overall cost is cheap;

From the aspects of increasing the practical area, reducing transportation costs, saving labor, reducing structural costs, and building civilization, the cost is very cheap. In terms of the practical area of 1 square meter per wall extension for each building, the composite wall panel can be called a free wall panel.

11. Can be nailed and can be pasted;

The wall panel can be bonded with the building lime sand, cement slurry, etc., and the wall decoration paste bricks need no special treatment; the nails can be nailed, drilled and anchored in any part, and the single point hanging force is above 50 kg.

12. High construction efficiency;

The installation and construction process is simple, ordinary workers will be installed in a short time, and the construction tools are simple. The wall panel can be cut to adjust the width and length. The transportation is simple during construction, and the weight of material transportation is 1/6 of the weight of the original masonry.

Application of EPS Sandwich Panel

Applicable to sub-room sound insulation has higher requirements on projects such as hotels, ktv, schools, hospitals, etc.

Applicable to projects that have restrictions on construction, such as shopping mall partitions, secondary renovation walls.

Applicable to the requirements for reducing the wall load: ultra-high wall, light steel house, steel structure, prefabricated house.

Suitable for projects with special requirements for fire protection, such as pipeline wells, firewalls, and large kitchens.

Applicable to projects that require construction progress.

Suitable for projects with special requirements for moisture and water resistance: bathroom, washroom, kitchen, outdoor and other projects.

Applicable to the requirements of nail-paste attachment: tooling, home improvement, interior and exterior walls and other conventional partition walls.

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