Light Weight Fireproof Structural Insulated Wall/Roof Polystyrene EPS SandwichPanel For Prefab House/Factory/Warehouse

Light Weight Fireproof Structural Insulated Wall/Roof Polystyrene EPS SandwichPanel For Prefab House/Factory/Warehouse

ZJT light composite sandwich wall plate is made by using high-strength cement as a cementing material as a surface layer, and is made of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and non-woven fabric, And a unique thermal insulation light wall board is constructed.
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Product Details

Raw Materials


Core:EPS+Additives+Cement+Water+Fly Ash+ Other Fillers


Product specification and details




ZJT Product features and advantages


Compared with clay solid brick, the light wall board is more than ten times lighter than the hollow block 100kg, which solves the problems of beam, column and deep foundation, and the plate-column connection has good seismic performance. The green standard light composite sandwich wallboard is not only suitable for low-rise buildings, but also suitable for high-rise buildings, soft geology, beach buildings and beach buildings.
Good thermal insulation performanceIn the production process of composite aerated wallboard, many vacuum bubbles are formed inside. These bubbles form a static air layer in the material, making the thermal conductivity of the plate only 0.12w/mk, and the thermal resistance value is 2.00, which can greatly reduce the electric power such as cold and warm air, and the coal cost, which is the best choice for energy saving. 
Sound insulation and waterproof performance is good

The internal closed micro-porous structure of the plate effectively blocks the transmission of sound and the double functions of sound absorption, and the sound insulation is more than 40 dB, and the water-proof, moisture-proof and anti-freezing and freezing-thawing standards are met.

Increase living spaceThe wall is thin and can increase the use area by more than 8%.

The installation and processing performance is good.

The wallboard can be sawed, nailed, drilled, cut at will, and the building pattern can be made at will.
Construction speedDry operation, installation is simple and fast, more than 6 times faster than block wall, can greatly shorten the construction period.

good surface decoration

The surface flatness of the wall panel is good, and the wall paper, wall tile and spraying can be directly pasted after the joint is filled. 
Low comprehensive costBecause of reducing the load of beam, column and foundation, the construction is fast, the period is short, and the cost of hollow block is reduced by 20% compared with clay.

environment-friendly energy-saving and waste-waste

Wallboard materials do not contain toxic, harmful substances, and waste energy saving is a national promotion and development of green products.
Civilized construction operation

Dry construction, on-site material specification, less construction waste and high degree of construction civilization







Product Applications

1).Interior partition (60mm,75mm or 90mm is your best choice)

2).Exterior Wall (100mm,120mmor 150mm)

3).Floor and roof

4).prefabricated houses

5).Modern high-rise Building

6).Schools, Hotels, office

7).Indoor space of ecological residences

8).All kinds of houses and structures


Product certification





Q1:   Are you a factory? 

A1:  Yes, we have nearly 20 factories.Welcome to our factory!

Q2:  Your MOQ? 

A2: 500  meters

Q3:  Why do you higher prices than other companies ?

A3:  For the same quality products, we are committed to provide the lowest price.

Q4: How long do you need to produce a cycle? 

A4:  1-3 days for samples; 7-25 days for batch goods.

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