Insulated Exterior Wall Panel Manufacture

Insulated Exterior Wall Panel Manufacture

1. Asbestos free
2. Non-load bearing wall
3. MOQ: One 20' GP
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Product Details

 Insulated Exterior Wall Panel Manufacture

Information of Exterior Wall Panel

ProductCement Sandwich Board
Double Sides Surface BoardCalcium silicate board at 5.0mm thickness
CoreEPS , Patented additive, Portland cement, fly ash, sand
Asbestos free100% non-asbestos
Wall typeComposite wall panel

Non-load bearing wall

Solid panel
Packaging & ShippingPacked with plastic film, protected by belt and place in pallet
MOQOne 20' GP
Payment TermT/T, L/C, etc
Lead Time10-20 days after payment confirmed

Light Weight Insulated Exterior Wall Panel Manufacture

Features of Exterior Wall Panel
• Our sandwich panels are internationally accepted and meet the highest building codes and standards. 
• They offer higher energy savings because they have low thermal conductivity. 
• All structural resources of our EPS sandwich panels are weatherproof & maintenance free.
• The designs are pre-engineered to precision and offers simplified construction. 
• The construction is frameless, lightweight and offers ease of design. 
• With EPS sandwich panels; you get controlled quality and long lasting value. 
• These panels are shock absorbent, durable and versatile.


Application of Exterior Wall Panel

2270mm standard2440mm standardApplication
2270*610*90mm2440*610*90mmInterior wall
2270*610*100mm2440*610*100mmInterior wall
2270*610*120mm2440*610*120mmExterior wall/ Floor
2270*610*150mm2440*610*150mmExterior wall


sandwich panel building

Installation Process of Exterior Wall Panel

1. Paying-off and Sandwich Wall Panels Arrived on Site
Adopting high precision laser alignment instrument to eject double lines of panel thickness on axial line of panel installation location, move the panel to the settled location according to different specifications.
2. Sawing Panel According to Requirement
Adopting hand-hold electric saw cutting the panel according to different need, make sure maximum using each panel to reduce the waste.
3. Sizing
Sizing the bump slots and even up the special ZJT panel adhesive into the bump slots and baseline of the floor.
4. Installation
Erected the painted panel with adhesive and move it to the prepared installation site, adjusting the panel to fit both of the baseline and tighten each panel to push the extra polymer mortar out of the joint crack, fixing the panel by wooden wedge.
5. Correction and Fixation
Correcting the panel position by using 2m levelness & verticality straight guide rule, adopting expansion rubber together with 6mm or 8mm steel bar to fix the panel.
6. Grouting and Filling Thick Liquid
Leave the installed and corrected panel for one day, adopting BOYUEJIA special panel adhesive to filling the joint crack. Remove wooden wedge and smooth the crack by polymer mortar.
7. Slotting and Wiring
Adopting hand-electric saw to cut the slotting for switch box or concealed line if needed, smooth the slotting by polymer mortar after installation.
8. Sticking Anti-Crack Tape
Sticking anti-crack tape in 3-5 days after grouting to prevent crack which may caused by long time expansion or contraction.
9. Installing Door Frame
Reserve holes for door and window, and fixing the holes by plywood line anchor.
10. Decoration
Sandwich wall panel do not need extra plaster for the surface, decorating the wall surface directly by tiles, wallpaper or other painting.

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