Fiber Cement Board EPS Sandwich Panel

Product Name: fiber cement board eps sandwich wall panel product. Space saving Save 4.26m2 per 100 m2 area Anti-seismic Class 7-8
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Are you still working in dirty and wet construction site, moving many heavy machines to the site? Are you still waiting for more than half a year before you can move inside to your new house? Are you still paying high salary to the workers and still unhappy about the final work? Are you still...?

Ok,and now, you don't worry it. Zhongjingtai Building Material  can provide you the new building material with you.The EPS SANDWICH CEMENT PANEL is easy to install,save time and space. a person can finish 15m2 perday.

The ZJT lightweight enery-saving sandwich panel is a kind of building material which is not any limited for selling and using.They also do not contain any harmful material such as formaldhyde,benzene,etc.

Advantage of sandwich cement panel

1: Anti-light pollution:

Ceramic tiles can refract more than 90% of all light and have very good effect on the protection of human eyesight and reducing light pollution .

2: Good sound-absorbing effect:

Because ceramic tiles are rich of fine evenly open pores of the whole body, so it can refract out all or part of sound waves and play a role of reducing outdoor noise and canceling indoor echo, so it must be an excellent material as creating good living environment for us.

3: Good corrosion and Weather resistance:

With the aggravation of industrial pollution, acid rain is more and more often, a lot of construction materials are eliminated because they can not accept this challenge. Natural manufacturing processes makes ceramic tiles contain only small amounts of chemical impurities, its internal structure is hardly affected by acid rain, other material cannot match with alkali corrosive resistance of clay.

eps sandwich panel


(1) Can replace construction materials such as red brick, concrete block, wire spatial grid structure perlite board, perlite porous board and etc. 

(2) For interior and exterior wall on steel or concrete structure building



1.setting the line : setting the line and carrying the board in position

2.Sawing the board: using hand / hold electric saw to cut freely

3.Sizing: sizing cement on tenon side of the boards then spread polymer mortar on one tenonside casually.

4.Installation: carrying the board prepared to be installed to the installation place

5.Planting bars in wall and pillar: drill a hole in the original pillar or wall, and fix the board by a steel bar

6.Correcting, fixing: using a guiding rule to check and leveling correction.

Please find EPS cement sandwich wall panels installation video on Youtube below. 

Hope it will help you understand our wall panel better.

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