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​Made in modular panel, ZJT Exterior Wall Panels can be stacked easily and can be transported in large quantity at the same time. This will ease the mobillization process as well as stock monitoring on the site
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Product Details

We manufacture high quality exterior wall panel pass American Soliety for testing Materials (ASTM) throough years of developing , we succeed to produced the quality to compete in the market. We assure our client for better quality with good service.

Main feature

1. Easy Mobilization&Monitoring

Made in modular panel, ZJT Exterior Wall Panels can be stacked easily and can be transported in large quantity at the same time. This will ease the mobillization process as well as stock monitoring on the site

2. Soundproof&heatproof

EPS is one of components that made cement wall could muffle heat and sound

3. Wider&Broad space

Compared with other materials,the installation of ZJT panel in the building will affect the used area that eventually lend to a wider and broader space.

4. Environmentally friendly

5. Cement wall is made of 100% non-hazardous and non-radioactive materials that environmentally friendly and safe to be used for any wall at home.

6. Cleaner working site area

Cement wall doesn’t need sand to support the installation process, hence resulted in cleaner working site area.

ZJT lightweight concrete partition testing

Water immersion

Put the concrete partition into water for 2 months and check the deformation of partition, lightweight concrete with deformation tolerance control tolerance control of 1%-2%

Strength test

20 ton heavy duty truck cross by concrete partition, check the damage and compute the force of lightweight partition, ZJT lightweight partition can bear over than 3Mpa banding strength.

Fire Resistnce Testing

Use the fire continue burn the concrete partition for few hours. ZJT lightweight concrete not only can bear the flame over 3 hours, but also have good thermal insulation

Difference between ZJT sandwich board system and General masonry system.


ZJT  Sandwich Board system

General masonry system


The panel is 100% asbestos free medium-density fiber cement board. Its core materials are compound light weight aggregate concrete, which contains polystyene particles, light weight portland cement, plant fiber, all nature quartz and so on.

Poor cement sandstone, cinders


Green environmental product

Not environmental

Waterproof and moistureproof performance

No deformation when meeting damp, good waterproof, it isn't afraid of water logging, no deformation and no layering. It can be directly used for toliet and other moist areas or exterior wall.

Bad waterproof performance and water permeability resistant. It must do many waterproofing treatments when using in the moist.







Dry hanging heavy thing performance

The sigle-point hanging force of expansion bolt>45kg, it can directly fix heavy things such as lavabo, sanitary ware and air condition.

Single-point hanging force is poorer.


1. Environment, fireproof, soundproof, adiabatic, thermal insulation, enlarge using area;
2. Moderate surface density, light texture, reduce the construction coast, excellent cost performance;
3. Waterproof, moistureproof, good water resistance, not afraid of water immersion, can be used in moist areas;
4. The surface of the wall board is good flatness, no plastering before finishing decoration, good processability. It can be arbitrarily cut and open trunking. The wastage rate is also low;
5. It can be decorated on the surface, such as pasting ceramic chips and hanging up marbles;
6. Suitable to put nails on it and hang (Single-point hanging force reaches 45kg above). Easy construction and short construction period.

1. Traditional way of wet construction, bond with cement and mortar; 2. Restricted with beam and pillar structure. No random layout and no random demolition or installation; 3. Long construction period, dirty workplace, much construction garbages; 4. Big force for the construction itself and the load is overweight.

Product Certifications

•CE Certificate

•ISO9001 Certificate

•Patent Certificate

•Waterproof, Fireproof, Soundproof, Heatproof and Eco-friendly Test Reports

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