Expanded Polystyrene Cement Sandwich Wall Panel

Expanded Polystyrene Cement Sandwich Wall Panel

1.Wall board building material
2.Fire rated wall panel
3.Easy and fast install
4.Saving cost wall board
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Expanded Polystyrene Cement Sandwich Wall Panel

Fire Rated/Precast Material Expanded Polystyrene Cement Sandwich Wall Panel for Hospital

Cement sandwich wall panel is structured insulated panels used as construction materials. Basically, they are three layered sandwich panels; a low density insulating core (cement) is sandwiched between relatively two hardened skin layers of structured board on each side of the core. Front board can be calcium silicate board (thickness : 5mm). These structural combinations are best fit for environments where low weight and high structural rigidity is desirable.

They are manufactured by amalgamating styrene with isobutylene under high pressure. Tiny beads of polystyrene are fused within the dense core using steam heating process and pressure treatments. Upon heating, these beads are expanded as much as up to 40 times. Once the fusion takes place, the blocks are then segmented and shaped to deliver a variety of EPS products into the market.

ProductCement Sandwich Board
Double Sides Surface BoardCalcium silicate board at 5.0mm thickness
CoreEPS , Patented additive, Portland cement, fly ash, sand
Asbestos free100% non-asbestos
Wall typeComposite wall panel

Non-load bearing wall

Solid panel
Packaging & ShippingPacked with plastic film, protected by belt and place in pallet
MOQOne 20' GP
Payment TermT/T, L/C, etc
Lead Time10-20 days after payment confirmed

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Specifications of Cement Sandwich Wall Panel


Why choose Cement Sandwich Wall Panel?

1. Low cost: Such house can help you reduce much labor and material costs because of its short construction period and materials at competitive price.
2. Stable structure: combined with steel structure is safe and light, especially suitable for people living in earthquake-ridden areas.
3. Easy assembly and disassembly: A house of about 300 square meters can be assembled by 6 workers in 2 days while its disassembly needs a much shorter period of time.
4. Recycling use: Such house can be assembled and disassembled for more than 10 times and it is easy to relocate.
5. Beautiful decoration:The color of such house can be adjusted according to your taste,
6. Sound Insulation: The amount of sound insulation is up to 42dB with 100mm thickness, which is 2 or 3 times more than the traditional wall
7. Waterproof: The water container is made of this panel without any water leakage at all, wonderful for using in wet area, such as kitchen, toilet and basement.
8. Heat Preservation: The panel is mainly made by environmental protection and energy saving heat insulation material, can keep the indoor temperature at a stable range and make the environment much more comfortable.
9. Environment protection: With professional design and skillful construction, no waste is created during the process of construction.

Application of Cement Sandwich Wall Panel
1). Floor Application
ZJT light weight compound sandwich panel can be innovatively used as floor board.This system has the outstanding advantages such as high load-bearing capacity, anti-static electricity, friction resistance, high strength, convenient for wire groove and water pipe inbuilt, corrosion resistance, no deformation, no split, etc., which is much suitable for the fields including the floor plate of additional top floor, factory, workshop, warehouse, etc.
2). Exterior Wall Application
Light weight compound sandwich panel can automatically adjust indoor air and water content with the season and climate changes, and such ecology effect just goes with the tide of modern residential building.
3). Interior Partition Application
Light weight compound sandwich board have been widely applying to the special positions like partition panel of high-rise and mega-high-rise buildings.
4). Roof Application
Light weight compound sandwich panel roof system brings brand-new added value and application idea to the traditional roof construction.Its easy construction time brings out its high integrated performance.
5). Pipe/Fire Well/Equipment Partition Application
ZJT light weight energy-saving sandwich wall panel has features of lightweight, easy cutting, dry used,and easy installation.It is the most suitable wall panel for pipe well, air shaft, fire well, equipment partition and room partition wall.

Installation of Cement Sandwich Wall Panel
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Packing of of Cement Sandwich Wall Panel

Packing: packed on plywood pallet+cover with plastic film+bond with belts+corners protected with paper
Delivery: depends on the quantity you need, usually be 10-20days after receiving the deposit.
Shipping: Shipping freight are quoted under your requests, FOB, CIF are both available.
eps cement sandwich panel loading

Projects of of Cement Sandwich Wall Panel
cement panels

FAQ of Cement Sandwich Wall Panel
Q: Is EPS cement panel strength strong?
A:Yes, it is. Anti-impact performance is 1.5 times of the block work, With steel structure fixed, can make high levels, big span wall, overall anti-seismic performance is 10 times of normal block work.
Q:After installation can it be paint without putty?
A:Yes, it can. You can paint directly without putty, and also can decorate without plastering.
Q:How to build with EPS cement sandwich panel?
A:EPS cement sandwich panel can be used for walls, floor and roof deck of building. EPS cement sandwich panel are much like regular concrete panels. Panels are set in place with the specific mortar (we can offer). 
Q: Do you provide small samples?
A: Of course. We provide small sample to our customer for free, but as we get too many requirements for 
sample, we need our customers pay for the postage. Hope you could understand.
Q:Is EPS cement sandwich panel lightweight?
A:Yes, it is. Capacity six hundred and fifty to eight hundred KG per cubic meter, it is one sixth of brick wall , even is one half of aerated concrete block.
Q:Is EPS cement panel fireproof?
A:Yes, it is. It control fire slipping out of the origin unit, prevent fire spreading, prevent toxic gas generating or insulating Through fire high temperature test for four hours, panels only have skin injury.

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