EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel For House/hotel/apartment

eps exterior sandwich wall panel
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EPS cement sandwich wall panel for house/hotel/apartment

1. Production Describe

1) Introduction


    EPS cement Sandwich panel is composed of face panel and interior filling. The material of face panel is thin fiber 

cement board or calcium silicate board, and the middle is filled with lightweight composite core material, including 

cement, EPS and fly ash.

2) Composition


3) Specification


4) Technical performance indicates


2. Construction Process


Installation Deatails

 Step1: Alignment: Settling the base line of the installation position according the thickness of the wall panel.
            Then putting the panels to the corrected position.

 Step2: Sawing wall panel: Using a professional installation size, in accordance with the proportion add water to 
            turn into the pulpous state, using water brush wet for the wallboard of Waffle Blade, after applying in the
of wallboard, joint of floor and beam column.

 Step3: Plastering the cement mortar: Before fixing the wall panel, clearing the dust firstly and then plastering the
mortar in concave and the joints.

 Step4: Calibrating: After finishing to fix the wall panel, using the crowbar to calibrate the right position.

 Step5: Adjustment : After calibrating sticking two steel bars to the wall panel fix except the wood wedges. 

 Step6: Filling joints: After the installation and adjustment, clearing the spilled mortar and using the steel to fill the
            joints the 
depth 4-5mm. 

 Step7: After installation for a week taking out of the wood wedges and plastering the mortar on the joints.

3. Advantage

    The products has the advantage of Solid, Lightweight, Thin, Better Strenth, Impact Resistance, Hanging Strenth, 
Heat Insulation,Sound Insulation, Easy Cutting, Pet and Rot Resistance,  Fireproof, Waterproof, Fast construction,
Easy installation Increasing usable Space.

     It can be arbitrarily slotted, without batch file, dry operation, environmental protection, which achieve energy
conservation and energy efficient. At the same time, it reduces the total area to be ocupied by the wall and to raise
residential practical area, alleviates the structure load, improves the building aseismatic capacity and safety performance,
and reduce total cost.This production technology and application are the reform of the world materail, and a new breakthrough
in our country.


4. Application 

 1) Floor Application 

   ZJT lightweight energy-saving composite wall panel especially suitable for factory, workshop, warehouse, store,
temporary buildings, building floors, etc. When used as floor and roof, it can be used with steel structure and the stability
is very outstanding.

image (4)

2) Roof Application 

image (3)

3) Application in Exterior Wall
    Our products can be widely applied to various occations, such as low-rise urban buildings, duplex apartments, villas, hotels, 

office buildings, commercial spaces and urban house.


4) Application in Interior Wall 


9.115 - 副本_副本

*All kinds of new and old building construction of indoor and outdoor decoratio

*Indoor and outdoor decoration of office buildings, hospitals, shops, restaurants, bars and other public buildings;

*Interior and exterior wall decoration of family homes, luxury apartments, villas etc; *Particularly suitable for high-rise 

building exterior wall insulation decoration. 

5. About us

    Xiamen ZhongJingtai building materials Co., Ltd, a comprehensive enterprise, specializes in developing and producing 

the new energy-saving wall materials. Located in the beautiful city, Xiamen, ZJT has modern working environment and 

production base. The factory is located in Quanzhou and its annual production capacity is more than two hundred million square meters. 

    The energy-saving sandwich wall panels are our main product, which has many advantages compared with traditional wall panels, 

including lightweight, solid core, thin body, high strength, shock resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, fireproofing, waterproofing 

and easy installation. This not only conforms to modern construction requirement but also meets the country environmental-friendly building policy. 

    We adhere to the "quality first, win-win cooperation" business philosophy. We can design the sandwich wall panels according to your special request. 

Welcome to visit our factory and become our clients some day! 

1) Our Faactory


2) Certificate


3) Exhibition/Customers


6. Our Service


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