Eps Cement Concrete Interlock Wall Bricks

Waterproof and Damp-proof 2. Fire Resistant – is fire resistant. It's major component is made of calcium silicate and has a good fire rating resistance of 4 hours at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. 3. Built-in Thermal & Sound Insulation – Due to its polystyrene core, homes stay...
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1. Waterproof and Damp-proof

2. Fire Resistant – is fire resistant. It's major component is made of calcium silicate and has a good fire rating resistance of 4 hours at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.

3. Built-in Thermal & Sound Insulation – Due to its polystyrene core, homes stay cooler in the summer and also provides for a quieter interior.

4. High Strength – The steel wire trusses connecting the welded wire mesh over the full length of the panel forms a continuously reinforced configuration, exhibiting structural strength.

5. Ease in Installation – Easier to install or embed utility pipes.

6. Area Saving – Increases usable area as no plastering needed. VANJOIN comes in 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm thickness to fit your need.



floor and roof

old house renovation


How to pack and ship

1. The most largest quantity: Nude packing.

2. Free packing, normal pallet + packing belt.

3. Standard exporting packing, good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film.




Q: How long can you delivery the goods?
A: Usual order can delivery in 7-15 days upon receiving deposit payment
Urgent order can be speed production to meet client requirement 
Large order can further discussing


Q: Can you offer sample for testing?
A: Of course, we can offer free small sample at your required thickness.


Q: Do you have any certificates or qualifications?
A: Yes. We have passed CE & ISO, and full set of wall panel performance testing report, including Thermal Insulation, Soundproof, Strength testing, Fireproof (performance of our sandwich panel is more than 4 hours in the heat of 1000℃.)


Q: What are the disadvantages of your sandwich panel?
A: Our panel is non-load bearing wall panel, so when build several floors or high-rise buildings, must combine with steel structure or concrete structure.


Q: When the time goes by. whether the panel might damage due to the climate change and whether it can be harmed by insects?
A: Our panel will not be damaged due to the climate change, and also will not be harmed by insects. But for more than 2 storey or high-rise building, this panel need to combine with steel structures or concrete structures. And lifespan is about 50~70 years.


Q: How would you guaranty the quality of your products and would like to know whether a warranty is available for the products we are to order?
A: The physical property of this panel will not be changed with the time goes by, generally speaking, it maybe damaged during transport or improper use or man-made damage.


Q: What is your recommendation on usage (for what kind of a construction each panel can be used in accordance with the thickness)?
A: Roof: 60mm panel 
     Interior Wall: 60mm 75mm, 90mm, 100mm 
     Exterior Wall: 100mm, 120mm,150mm etc 
     (Remarks: Just for your reference. Upon different client requirement, different practice.)


Q: What is the thickness of calcium silicate board independently?
A: Thickness of face board ( calcium silicon board or fiber cement board) is about


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