Earthquake Resistance Sandwich Panel Exterior Wall

Earthquake Resistance Sandwich Panel Exterior Wall
Installation Speed: 15M2 per day
Sound Insulation:35-52dB
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Earthquake Resistance Sandwich Panel Exterior Wall is one of the most popular building materia at present .EPS  wall Panel is composed of exterior panels and interior core filling, to form a non-load-bearing light-weight composite wall panel. The surface layer is made of nearly 5mm thickness calcium silicate board, and the inside core filling is made of cement and eps. 



1.Earthquake resistance with Strong strength

Hanging fore for single point is more than 50kg, no need to worry about the safty .

2.lightweight, Easy and fast Installation

It only needs few hours to train a brick layer worker become a skilled worker for panel installation. And one worker can install 25sqm wall in one day. Besides, It requires only normal tools and accessories which you can get easily from your market.


Soundproof, fireproof, and heat resistance ,anti-earthquake and impact resistance.

4.low cost and can be re-used

disassembly and assembly are very convenient, it greatly improves the product efficiency and economic benefits, and also it will not result in too much construction waste and affect the normal operation activities.


Package of lightweight sandwich wal  board interior wall

This is how way do packing when export.

1.      Free packing, normal pallet+ packing belt

2.      Standard exporting packing, good pallet+ pearl wool+ corner protective paper+ packing bell+ plastic film


Below points you may be interested:

We are experienced in this field for 10 years; 

We have a 30,000m2 factory, with 60000m2 sotcking area; 

We are certificated with SGS TUV tests, etc; 

Our production capacity is 2,0000m2/month; 

Our main markets: Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Oceania, Europe, etc.  

We have exported more than 20 countries such as Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Korea, Panama, Uruguay, Peru,etc. Following is the project we finished for your reference




About ZJT

In the trend of low-carbon and energy-saving in domestic, ZJT is on a?mission environmental protection, and actively promoting the development and popularization of green building materials. The composition of the materials?of?ZJT energy-saving wall panel strictly?implements?national GB6566-2001Building Materials Radionuclide Limited standard, which belong to the main of the radioactive building materials and a?kind of decoration materials, 100% do not contain harmful substances in humans, and in high temperature combustion state, the release of excessive part also can be operated in an efficient range so it has no direct threat to human. At the same time, the construction of the product itself almost do not produce construction waste, in the demolition of buildings the product has the reuse rate of as high as 72%-93%, so these features make it surely become one of the most environmental protection administration of green environmental protection building materials.


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