Construction Fireproof Sandwich Panel Material

Product Name: EPS Sandwich Panel Building Material Prefab House Feature:Impact resistant,Anti-earthquake Hang force: >1000N Surface Density:70-110kg/m2
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Description:What is the sandwich panel?

EPS Cement Sandwich Calcium Silicate Light Weight Wall Panel which uses calcium silicate board as both sides surface panel,expanded polystyrene,ceramsite,cement, and other additives as fillings materials inside.As following,you can find the normal specifications and performance:

Product namewholesale price concrete sandwich wall panel
Double Sides Surface BoardCalcium silicate board 5.0mm thickness; Fiber reinforced cement board

(100% non-asbestos)EPS beads, Patented additive Portland cement, sand

Panel Joining MethodTongue & Groove Type









CertificatesSGS TUV

EPS-panel all size_副本

Advantages of cement sandwich panel:

1). Eco-friendly green material

2). Save area, Easy installation

3).  Heat insulation & preservation

4). Strong and durable, 60-70 years life span.

5).Sound insulation,fireproof,Moisureproof



The installation process as follows:

1.Alignment,settling the base line of the installation position according the thickness of the wall panel.Then putting the panels to the corrected position.

2.Sawing wall panel,Using a professional installation size,in accordance with the proportion add water to turn into the pulpous state ,using water brush wet for the wallboard of waffle blade,after applying in the groove of wallboard,joint of floor and wallboard,joint of floor and beam column.

3.Plastering the cement mortar.Before fixing the wall panel,clearing the dust firstly and then plastering the cement mortar in concave and the joints.

4.Fixing wall panels.Before fixing wall panel,clearing the dust firstly and then plastering the cement mortar in concave and the joints.

5.Calibrating .After finishing to fix the wall panel,using the crowbar to calibrate the right position.

6.Adjustments.After calibrating,sticking two steel bars to the wall panel to fix except the wood wedges.

7.Filling joints.After the installation and adjustment,clearing the spilled mortar and using the steel to fill the joints with the depth 4-5mm.

8.Plastering the cement mortar .After installation for a week ,taking out of the wood wedges and plastering the mortar on the the joints.

9.Inserting the wires.It is forbidden to chisel the slot on the both sides of the same position.The distance should be more than 10cm between the switch and box and the length of the pipeline can not be longer than 35cm.The depth of the slot can not exceed 2/3 of the thickness of the wall panel.

10.Installing the windows and doors.We have many different solutions for installing the windows and doors which include wood doors ,glass fire-resistant door,aluminum alloy doors and windows,etc.

Any person also can click the link on Yoube:, more detail installation video can check it


This is how way do packing when export.

1.      Free packing, normal pallet+ packing belt

2.      Standard exporting packing, good pallet+ pearl wool+ corner protective paper+ packing bell+ plastic thin film


About ZJT:

In the trend of low-carbon and energy-saving in domestic and world wide, ZJT is on a mission environmental protection, and actively promoting the development and popularization of green building materials. The composition of the materials of ZJT energy-saving wall panel strictly implements national GB6566-2001Building Materials Radionuclide Limited standard, which belong to the main of the radioactive building materials and a kind of decoration materials, 100% do not contain harmful substances in humans, and in high temperature combustion state, the release of excessive part also can be operated in an efficient range so it has no direct threat to human.



Questions 1  :  How to installation the wall lpanels ?

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Questions 2 :  How about delivery time ?

-----=    Normally within 15 days . If you need to ship urgently , can be ship within 7 days .

For large order , with different quantity , will discuss further by e-mail .