Concrete Cement Board For External Wall

Concrete Cement Board For External Wall

1.Cement board sandwich wall panel
2.External wall material
3.External wall insulation
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Concrete Cement Board for External Wall


Concrete Cement Board is a kind of light weight energy-saving wall material taking Fiber reinforced Calcium silicone board or Cement Calcium Silicone Board as face panel, cement, EPS, fly ash as core and forming by one time compound.

lightweight panels

Features of Concrete Cement Board compare to hollow block

FeatureZJT EPS cement sandwich panelHollow block

Quack proof

Good shock resistance, high bending feature, Improve the safety factor  of building structure. There is reserved space for change between layers, which can effectively prevent earthquakes and no risk of collapse.

Directly affected by the earthquake, easy fall apart with high weight.


≥ 4 hours





EPS cement sandwich wall panel is made of calcium silicate board as surface panel, which is a kind of fireproof, dampproof material, widely used in industrial and commercial engineering buildings

Poor resistance to penetration, need to do the plastering and waterproof treatment after install.


Reduce the net weight of the building, high bending, and lock on the structure, improve the structural safety factor, and effectively prevent earthquake

Directly affected by earthquakes, inelastic and high weight, resulting in easy collapse

85% higher than brick wall. The internal small holes of the product are independent closed holes with a diameter of Φ 1-2mm, which can effectively prevent the diffusion of water molecules.
Compressive strength



Room partitions can be freely changed, dismantle, renovation.

The wall may not be in a vertical position on the beam and is not restricted by the beam and column.

In the later changes to the layout of the building compartment, it is completely unconstrained by the beam and column. As long as it is within the load-bearing range of the floor, it can be freely divided and flexibly laid out.

Can not changed, dismantle, renovation.

cement board fire rating


Fire reated in SGS

SGS Fire resistance certificate

Sound insulation in SGS

SGS Sound Transmission Loss certificate

Installation of wall board

1. Setting the line and carrying the board into position.

2. Using a hand-hold electric saw cut to the sizes needed.

3. Sizing cement on tenon side of two boards, then spread specific mortar on one tenon side casually.

4. Carrying the board prepared to be installed to the installation place, correcting the wall board by special tools, and making it close tightly. Then let the specific mortar squeeze out into full and then fixing it with a wedge temporarily.

5. Planting bars in wall and pillar: drill a hole in the original pillar or wall, and fix the board by steel bars

6. Correcting and fixing: Using a guiding rule to check the vertical and leveling correction.

7.Planting bars in structure beam: drill a hole in structure beam and plant a reversed 7-shaped steel bar to fix with wall board.

8. Planting bars in floor: drill a hole in the floor and plant a 7-shaped steel bar to fix with wall board.

9. Planting bars between two boards, plant a steel bar in the angle of 45 degree to fix.

10. Installing electrical wires and switches: setting lines on the places needing to be set with concealed wire and switch box.

11. Grouting and filling starch: filling and sticking the corrected wall board with polymer mortar.

12. Sticking anti-cracking tape.

After the mortar and wall are all shaped, sticking glass-cloth or anti-cracking tape, brushing coating.

save time wall board

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